cars under 10,000 EurosEverything was better. Those who wanted to buy in the 70s or 80s and had a new car or had saved 20 000 German marks, which was welcomed at the dealership with a handshake and considered affluent customer. Nowadays, the situation looks a little different. With 10,000 euros in your pocket, you get the car dealer only a small or compact car with standard equipment. That this statement does not apply necessarily have to prove the following list of 10 vehicles that are not found to be true in the upper class, but have much more to offer than a VW Polo or Opel Corsa.

The Fiat Panda – not bad
Much better than its reputation from the past few days, presents little Italian. ABS, airbags, and a fuel line interrupting fire protection engineering features of the city cars costing € 9890. The interior space is enough for 4 people and customers who watch the market a little more benefit from favorable financing, and some additions to the dealer. And next year the new Fiat Panda 3 rolls to the dealer – with new technology and fresh design.

Ford Ka – a few even call it the “egg”
To get a car from a German production of less than 10,000 €, you have been looking closely. The Ka’s 1.2-liter displacement and 69 hp and start-stop system is already extremely well equipped. This option includes an investment of 9,700 € is required. For € 360  extra charge there is to an ESP. The fire protective device, such as the Panda is also found in the Ford Ka.

Daihatsu Cuore – a friend?
The advertising of Daihatsu promises that the Cuore is the friend of the motorist. With ABS, driver and front passenger airbags and brake assist, the customer receives supportive for € 9490  have a lot of car for your money. Who would like to order but the Daihatsu Cuore in a color other than white or red, which must pay a surcharge.

Whether the sparks? The Chevrolet Spark, with ESP of less than 10,000 €
Safety is paramount when Chevrolet manufacturers. The Spark (Spark) you get for9140, including ABS and six airbags. Even if you opt for the extra of an ESP, this additional price breaks are not the magical 10,000 euro mark. Another feature is that the spark enough to the rear seat can accommodate adults. This too is not self-evident.

Toyota manages the impossible – the Aygo for under 9000
8999 € for the dealer, there is the three-door compact car. But the five-door Yaris is less than € 10,000. Concerning security, the Japanese can not make compromises. ABS, brake assist and airbags for the driver and front passenger are standard equipment. Due to the relatively tight interior, the car is actually ideal for 2 people. For customers who want something more equipment, it is perhaps worthwhile to wait for special offers. Toyota is now offering models and action on the price of the basic versions.

10 colors at no extra charge – the Suzuki Alto by
If the safety equipment in small cars under 10,000 euros are equal almost everywhere, you must have come up with something. Suzuki is trying to convince the customer with a total of 10 colors available out there at no extra charge. Invested for the € 8900  you get a chic urban runabout with 68 hp motor.

Not just a penny pincher – the Lada Kalina
90 hp from 1.4 liters of displacement, the engine of the Lada. With a consumption of nearly 6.5 liters of gasoline and a top speed of 165 km / h can certainly live with that. The special feature of the Kalina in the class of vehicles under 10,000 euros, the notchback. The car costs € 8490 and for a surcharge of less than 300 € is also order the Lada hatchback version. The shape of the Kalina is a matter of taste, and for one or the other not quite contemporary.

The lowest prices – Dacia Sandero € 6990
Price this fight for a new small car, other manufacturers offer only once. ABS is available in the basic version though but you have to pay for side airbags to a surcharge. Moreover, the customer gets an option for less than 900 € supplement a CD radio and air conditioning. So that one is still well below the 10,000 mark.

Once again, Dacia – space for smaller shipments inclusive – the Logan MCV
Based on the same engine as the variant of the Logan MCV Sandero will be offered. This vehicle offers a considerably larger interior and can even be used for transportation projects. The Logan is unbeatable in this price class, if you need one set of wheels that is fit for a family holiday. The price is € 7990.

Small, stylish and affordable – Nissan Pixo
Even the name sounds really cute Pixo. So it is with interior roominess. In the standard ABS, brake assist and airbags are included. The list of accessories is also looking in vain for an ESP. But a parking assistance is available for an additional charge of just under € 300. Whether you need that extra at Pixo, however, remains questionable. € 8290  for the Pixo will be offered to the dealer.

Some hard-core car enthusiast will surely smile on the featured cars. But the producer to gain the vehicles under € 10,000  to and from the market. Especially for singles or young couples where the car was not in the foreground, the offers are absolutely delightful and fully suitable for everyday use.

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