2011 VW T5 TH2RS 1Who in his Porsche 911 Turbo Porsche traveling at 300 km / h on the left lane is, has little worry of being flashed from the track. VW_T5_TH2RS_mobile_2Wenn but this one for sale in the rearview mirror monster shows up, does the use of Fernlichtfunzeln not distress only too happy to make the Porsche driver’s seat to see what the hell is shot. It is the firm TH TH2RS automobiles, the “fastest coach in the world”, which as you rally legend Walter Röhrl says it is the “best car in the world.” This same car is now in the Internet market in the mobile.de customer order to sell and will bring € 178 500. A lot of money for a VW T5? Actually, yes, but not for the TH2RS. Because this monster does not have much in common with the workhorses of Wolfsburg. Starting with the Porsche engine from the 996 Turbo, which was brought by Tuner 9ff 780 hp, the rear-wheel drive to the extremely modified cockpit results in the sum of an awesome piece of art.
2011 VW T5 TH2RS 2Who makes the 2150 lbs “light” Extreme T5 of the line you want in just 4.4 seconds to 100 and further shot up almost 311 km / h top speed will be. In selling text also states: “The driver’s seat and the pedals are positioned in the middle. Four full bucket seats complete the consistent race car feel. A continuously variable air suspension (H & R) provides the best racing performance. A Drexler limited slip differential provides maximum traction values. The 6-piston calipers with 390mm front brake disc and the 4-piston calipers with 365mm rear rotors are the guarantors of security for extremely fast driving. ”
2011 VW T5 TH2RS 3Who now believes still be around 180,000 € for such a missile too many, can convince themselves of it in this video, think of what this Hulk on wheels. However it’s also a little pensive, that with just this one car for sale already such “jokes” were organized.2011 VW T5 TH2RS 4

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