2009 Ford Focus RS 1It roars back, rumbling forward and pushing me into the seat, the ranges. Gelupft the short walk and the excess air whistles out of the pressure relief valve of the turbocharger. It’s wonderful to have composed as the Ford-acoustic engineers, the interaction of the individual “noise sources” in the new Focus RS. Focus ST has already been fun as hell to listen to the breathing of the car, one that experience in the 305 hp RS pursued even in his sleep. Oh great, now I’m hooked and need more.2009 Ford Focus RS 2But the “more” in the Focus RS is not that expensive. 34,000 € call on the people of Cologne for their drug. For getting the fans riot extroverted presence Fronttriebler one who “has the all-wheel competition versägt smooth” on the Ford test tracks (Ford statement). “We were surprised at what makes the new Revo-front in combination with the mechanical differential lock.” Whether fueled by a 2.5-liter five-cylinder turbocharged Focus RS is actually faster than Mitsubishi Lancer Evo X (295 hp) and Subaru Impreza WRX STi with 300 hp is (interpretation of the editorial team), I acknowledge, not the subjective feeling of driving the new Focus is the hammer that we have already tested Evo X, however, clear in the shade. Did the Japanese much of its old charm of the rough-and-lost companions with powerful punch, Ford now uses the resulting demand gap.
2009 Ford Focus RS 3And so it is not surprising that the 1030 copies that are intended for the German market, are already almost sold out. “When you order one today, is the earliest in November with you. Not a single RS is in a showroom, the car will be shipped directly from the tape to the customers. “And it’s no wonder. Already on my first short ride in the RS I get an idea of ​​the strongest front-wheel drive in the world. Although the Focus RS is also the disadvantages of a steering-drive division is not explained away, but must not hide behind the wheel of the strong competition in Cologne. With a spray time of 5.9 seconds to 100 while he is behind Mitsubishi and Subaru, the top speed of 263 rpm, but makes the competitors look as old as the price advantage of. 10 000 €. From the fabulous performance of Ford with its huge air vents in the front, the desired white Alus, the huge rear wing, rear diffuser and the two large tailpipes as well as the complete equipment with perfectly fitting Recaro, bi-xenon lights, fog lamps and ESP / ASR, we want never mind.
2009 Ford Focus RS 4You will have noticed, I’ve been addicted to the Focus RS. You are right. I do not deny it. Nor with any car I’ve felt when accelerating on a twisty highway ramp with 160 cases so sure. “He must push at last minute,” I think. “Damn it, why not push the” I’m thrilled with how the car is allowed to shoot around corners with suicidal pace leaves. When the freeway ends and I change my way to the left two lanes, the speedometer already scarce 200. Zack in the fifth of six stepped gears changed and crisp down the pedal to the metal. Until about 245′s goes quickly, then the RS must give the drag a little beaten. Although I wont hit the 260 really angry, moving to a 265 Cayman S, which is not enough somehow.
Otherwise the thing might look like on the highway. Here, the RS-pilot and let loose the Zuffenhausen annoy flounder powerful. With a spoiled just on the border to “rock hard” to be designated chassis, wider track and its 440 Nm (2250-4500 r / min), he the driver with optimum ground contact, lateral acceleration and super powerful pulling power in almost any situation. Even the most awaited moment of reflection from the turbocharger is remarkably unremarkable. With so much forward movement may of course also the negative acceleration not miss out. Ford met the challenge with front discs and 302 mm 336er measuring derivatives at the rear axle. That’s enough. I have not succeeded almost in spite of over-enthusiastic cornering to get the stopper out of the rest.
2009 Ford Focus RS 6Who now can ignore still not over the lack of all-wheel-drive, which at this point is a phosphorus-bright ray of hope is shown. How I could get out of the RS-developer John Wheeler, the Ford Focus and Mondeo are under the sheet so similar that the entire rear axle of four-wheel drive SUV could also be mounted in the RS. “Ford tuner, which has been in prolonged contact with the brand, should the hinbekommen without significant problems,” Wheeler tells me. Even if it should strike a conversion of 10,000 Euros to the price, you would get a 305 hp Ford Focus RS with all-wheel drive that is the same price as an Evo X and WRX STi. After adjusting the equipment, however, Ford should still be much cheaper. Conclusion: Buy! For 34,000 €’s definitely a better athlete on the market. Itself for 44,000 € including all-wheel drive has been retrofitted, the Focus RS is a bargain. Who the robust WRX STIs and Evos mourn the past, the RS is the right place.
2009 Ford Focus RS 7

Technical data:
Model: Ford Focus RS
Engine: 5-cylinder turbo gasoline engine, 2522 cc
Power: 224 kW / 305 hp
Torque: 440 Nm
Drive: Front, 6-speed manual,
Consumption: 9.4 l / 100km fuel
0-100km / h: 5.9 sec
Top speed: 263km / h
Price: from 33,900 EUR

2009 Ford Focus RS 9

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