2009 Renault Twingo V8 trophy 1   A city and a straight meet, everything on a pretty unfair duel of traffic light indicates. Not so in this case. Because we will show you the latest stroke of genius of Tunigschmiede Lazareth. The result is not only on optics in the category “Brachial”.
2009 Renault Twingo V8 trophy 2With two, three or four wheels – restrained the models were never that tuner Lazareth has made a name for himself. With their latest creation called Twingo V8 trophy, the French finally however give the impression that you are prey like mad. A standard Twingo of first-generation served as base of their bully small car. A model, so that up to the standard digital display instrument had to offer very little high-tech and even less fun.
2009 Renault Twingo V8 trophy 3As punishment was she bored Kiss ball completely gestripped and again again up and rebuilt. This, in particular the standard engine, the chassis and the rear seat had to remain outside. And that was good, because otherwise, Range Rover eight not at all in the car would have fit the 3, 5-litre. But even with the place obtained in this way still a lot of body work was necessary – and still not everything seems also then pure to have fitted. Because while the wheels were formerly placed within the Radkastens, they were placed back out there after the conversion. The stage although still somewhat humorous looked, sidebars in the log format and rear apron with diffuser of existing body kits is now but thanks to one from front apron, more than impressive.
2009 Renault Twingo V8 trophy 4Construction ensures a 180 PS of strong eight made by range Rover. He passes his performance on a five-speed manual transmission to the rear wheels, which in turn bring the eight-power via successive slicks from Yokohama on the asphalt. Come to the front, however, “only” 230 rubbers used.
2009 Renault Twingo V8 trophy 5The vehicle data make the French so far still no information. One is however already certain: who even once take a seat in the MOMO seats, look at the newly designed digital instrument and drift would force the small elephant sneakers by turning the steering wheel in the parachute, should have at least 70,000 euros on the high edge – or at least an accommodating Bank with much understanding of PS crazy people.2009 Renault Twingo V8 trophy 6

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