2010 Chevrolet volt mpv5 1
Chevrolet shows electric van
A view on possible Familienzuwachs with the electric car Chevrolet Volt is the compact van study MPV5 at the Beijing Auto Show (27 April to 2nd May). The roughly 4.60 M-long five-door offers space for five passengers and is powered by a 110 kW/150 HP electric motor. The range per battery filling is to be about 50 km, the saloon comes Volt with same technology about 10 kilometres further.
2010 Chevrolet volt mpv5 2
Low battery a gasoline-powered generator switches to, which powered the electric motor and charges the battery while driving again. Overall, the main is to can travel to 482 km without stopping. The load time of the lithium-ion batteries in household electrical outlets is eight hours, four hours should be sufficient to quick charging stations.
2010 Chevrolet volt mpv5 3
The Chevrolet could be volts MPV5 the second model after the Volt sedan expected for end of 2010, that takes advantage of the electric car technology of the General Motors group. For Germany an Opel version of the model could, that would complement the Ampera electric sedan.The manufacturer does not more detailed information about the launch but still work.
2010 Chevrolet volt mpv5 4
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