2010 Fiat 500 Abarth Racing 1One would not necessarily come out in the very first moment, but if Ferrari customers make their beloved race horse to customer service, they get a replacement vehicle in one or another case, a Fiat 500 Among other things, for Ferrari-Fiat dealer has the 500 Abarth namely the limited run of 200 vehicles special version of “Ferrari Dealers Edition” launched. Befitting dipped into the paint Rosso Scuderia, the sport is already making dwarf standard 168 hp and 230 Nm. Whether Pogea Racing has thought suddenly terribly generous to the underpowered Ferrari’s clientele, as you look at the 500 took to the breast is unknown. That even Ferrari’s performance from the explosion of the outrageously expensive “Maranello” special model is likely to be impressed, however, fairly safe.
2010 Fiat 500 Abarth Racing 2So much off the front: 265 hp and 345 Nm from the familiar 1.4-liter turbo engine sound Fiat once plentiful and actually quite daring is required to work until the small Krawallino reached this gigantic performance. So much power with so little capacity allows only one conclusion: Somewhere in the engine room must be on a fairly massive turbo. In Pogea you have even a choice of two distinctly superior to the standard counterpart turbochargers (there is also a version with 235 hp and 335 Nm). The other ingredients are crazy for power, a larger intercooler, modified intake and fuel injection, a stainless steel exhaust system with modified downpipe and catalytic converter and an adaptation of a modified engine control unit. It should be noted that no Extrabox Pogea used, but with the vehicle’s control unit is working – something new in the tuning of the small turbo engine.
2010 Fiat 500 Abarth Racing 3So that the front wheel drive the only problem with so much power is helping the guys from the 500 series with a Pogea Racing four-piston brake system with more stability. In addition, the indoor coil-over suspension in this horsepower class is recommended. Very encouraging is the fact that was omitted wide body and spoiler-escapades. For better ventilation on the hood only carbon from the gills AssettoCorse racing version used. Maranello and goes with so many genes also generously distributed throughout the car CavallinoRampantein order. 2010 Fiat 500 Abarth Racing 4

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