2011 ABT VW Beetle 1Only in October, the new beetle in the exhibition halls of the Volkswagen dealer is supposed to be. This stops from but Abt Sportsline not already provide a first insight into what they want to organize with the new edition of crawl animal. Already, is diligently developed in the Chief headquarters and designed, where Abbot as a home and yard tuner of the VW Group can certainly take a lot of insider knowledge behind and are thus secure a certain advantage ahead of the tuner competition.

Power update for gasoline and diesel
In addition the Allgäuern benefits of course, that VW uses only motors with the beetle, which are also in other models of the Wolfsburg on board. The tuner not lists precise values while still, but he gives the forecasts effect ever where you will land power technology. For example two-liter turbo, From work 200 PS strong, President Hans-Jürgen Abt “assumes that the Abbot version 230, 240 HP on the road will bring.” The standard 105 HP strong 1.2 TSI is it about 140 HP put on, in the 1.4 TSI (series: 160 PS) are there to 210 HP. Variant friends can also enjoy of juicy performance gains. The 1.6 TDI should grow from 105 to 125 HP, two-liter-TDI sets by 30 to 170 HP.
2011 ABT VW Beetle 2On a large foot
With a set of suspension springs, the agility of the new beetle is to improve also. Abbot helps optics with an aerodynamic package consisting of of front spoiler, rear screen, rear apron insert and side sills on the jumps. The gates for headlights and tail lights, as well as the oval tail pipes at the new end silencers are good the beetle. The same applies for the DR rims, which will have Abt Sportsline for the beetle in dimensions up to 19 inches in the program. A little bit worried, however, makes us the announcement that Abbot – similar to will offer A1 – decor sets such as in the Audi. A properly dimensioned self-awareness on the part of the occupants is essential then, to do with the beetle under people to trust “DAB” or “Aloha”. 2011 ABT VW Beetle 3

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