2011 Alfa Romeo 4 c GTA 1A new star in the Alfa sky
Eagerly countless Alfisti waiting for years what the brand once has made to the myth of affordable sports car. The current model range, however, – for fans of the brand more of an indictment. To do this, you have the constant headlines about an impending VW Uebernahme…nein, Alfa love it currently truly not easy. But now, fire in the Milan portfolio could again come at least in the form of a study. : Since days talk is online of the Italians for Geneva 2011 have a real sports car blast in the luggage. The so-called 4 c GTA to a similar effect as his time of 8 c Competitione, but at a much more reasonable rate.
2011 Alfa Romeo 4 c GTA 2Based on KTM X-bow
The hammer of the whole story: The Geneva study should on a mid-engine, rear-wheel drive have and build on a basis similar to that of KTM X-bow. Responsible for the specialists of Dallara Automobili, a blacksmith’s shop, which has developed for KTM the X-bow draw. Drawn was the 4 c GTA in Alfas Centro styles in Turin. A plucky, very compact and ultra flat two-seater Coupe awaits us. Thanks to the extensive use of carbon and aluminium it wants to keep the weight under 1,000 kilos (spoken by 850 kilos, but whether this is realistic?). Drive is actually only the 1, 8-liter TBi from the Giulietta QV in question. Breathe with about 250 HP he should properly life into the lightweight concept.
2011 Alfa Romeo 4 c GTA 32012 Already in series?
According to Automotive News Europe could GTA are built in one of the Italian Fiat works of 4 c and go end 2012 starting at 40,000 euros in series. 20,000 to 25,000 units to come so over a period of five years. The 4 c could be sold in the United States, a decision in this respect had not fallen but still. The Coupe would help definitely to get the people in the showrooms – for Alfa a must, you want the goal of 350,000 cars sold each year until 2014 reach (sales 2010: 112,000). More convincing arguments from 2012: the new middle class “Giulia” as successor to 159, the Mito as five-door, two new SUV and a new spider / GTV. We may be looking forward to the medium-term future of Alfa and of course in Geneva.2011 Alfa Romeo 4 c GTA 4

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