2011 Amarok VW Single Cab 1One year after the Double Cab is the truck version now. The Amarok VW Single Cab is interesting not only for craftsmen. Also exciting: the first encounter with the base diesel. With only one pickup in the housing market is nothing to gain, the VW was also clear, as the Amarok went into production. Now we had the opportunity to make even before the launch in the fall of extensive tests with the second Amarok-version: The two-door single cab is waiting with a 2.2 meter long cargo area to work. In addition, interesting the first time we could drive the base engine with 122 horsepower.

Great design surprises the VW Single Cab Amarok does not offer course. From the front, and inside it looks like we have become accustomed. Only that the steering wheel sits on the “wrong” side, the tests in South Africa and the local transport links is owed. Already on the first prototype photos, we had the VW Single Cab Amarok released, was to recognize that Volkswagen favors an extended cab form. The cab bulges a little piece of the cargo area and is generally a few inches longer than the Single Cab competition from the Japanese camp. That brings a lot: The seats can be set for tall so far back that it can travel in comfort. In addition, the seats behind a convenient storage space is available to non-precious luggage and vehicle equipment must be chauffeured in the back.
2011 Amarok VW Single Cab 2The Amarok VW Single Cab Double Cab is built as opposed to only in a Heavy Duty version. That means the 4Motion (there is also a rear-wheel drive version) stramme 1.16 tonnes payload. However, it became our driving appointment within a few kilometers slight surprise: the leaves are clearly come, or, as it reads. Especially surprising because a previously tested heavy-duty version of the Double Cab-behaved Amarok bumpy and stiff. SingleCab the test car was in any case with an empty flatbed supple enough to move without annoying with crude shocks from the rear.

In the second part of the driving test, which led over several hundred kilometers off-road trails and slopes, the Amarok then got around 600 kilos ballast shoulders and do the rear leaf springs properly. A noticeably softer ride brought the payload but not the Amarok-leaf springs are progressively carried out, the bottom layer only comes into play when loaded. Instead, the VW pickup also went to evil, washed potholes and corrugated tracks to work with remarkable sovereignty remained largely wankfrei and readily manageable.
Amarok is the VW Single Cab, there is no permanent four-wheel

Heavy-duty off-road also means always the Amarok version with selectable four-wheel drive and reduction gear, the SingleCab will not give it with permanent four-wheel drive. A rear axle is 100-percent surcharge on board and the amazing Amarok so that a good climber. That he was in an identical wheelbase in offroad operation no different from DoubleCab, is obvious. Amazingly it is still, how easily the heavily laden Amarok also nasty scree slopes up and down can conduct. One reason is the very short first gear, which allows you to move the pick-long emotional.
2011 Amarok VW Single Cab 3An important detail was also the first encounter with the base diesel. In the 90-kW version of the two-liter engine dispenses with the twin turbo, 41 hp and 60 Nm of the stronger version. But the mono-Turbo with its 122 hp is anything but a tired pump. Quite the contrary, he started on the lowest speed range, even a little brave to work as the 163-hp twin-turbo. He can be gentle and start without clutch work great, the feeling comes from underpowered on at any time. Only at a fast driven street stage, the difference was seen and felt, as the bi-turbo Amarok beyond 100-km/h-Marke slowly, but steadily attracted them. As an everyday engine for rare drivers prone to exaggerated stress of mono-turbo is definitely recommended, especially as he pursues his day’s work a little more economical than the Bi-Turbo-mate (7.6 liters instead of 7.9 liters fuel consumption). The price for the VW Single Cab Amarok: probably around 26,000 €

Unlike the Double Cab will be available in Germany, no equipment lines (Trendline, Highline) for the VW Single Cab Amarok. The individual extras can be ordered separately. The starting model is to be with us in late fall. At prices Volkswagen has not yet ruled. The all-wheel-base model of the Single Cab will cost but probably 25000-26000 €.
2011 Amarok VW Single Cab 4Conclusion: The Amarok VW Single Cab has not become a spartan car craft, but also convincing in the heavy-duty version with good ride comfort and surprising off-road performance and cleaner processing. The base engine is as trouble-free everyday companion and goes from the bottom out surprisingly well. With the 2.2-meter-long cargo area and stable under heavy loads of gear for campers SingleCab conversions is highly interesting.

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