2011 Aston Martin Virage 1Great ride in the dry

You can forget the letter combination “DB” at least for a short time once safely. Aston Martin tried it with the product name “Virage” accordingly to clarify the difference to its visually almost identical brothers DB9 and DBS. As with its design, the British in the nomenclature have a fine knack. Virage sounds not only infatuatingly beautiful, it shows also a feature which dominated the 1.8-tonne Brit bolide almost perfectly with its meaning as a “Curve” or “Bend”. Because just in long curves and generously proportioned mountain roads of the Aston Martin Virage plays most clearest off his superb driving experience. On dry road, he brings his 497 V12 HP in a manner on the road that it again and again take the breath one. Preferably, you can be autonomously perform their work precisely graduated six-speed automatic transmission in sports mode and care only about the landscape and the oncoming traffic. On damp or even wet track looks different. Here, the Virage has problems ban his elemental force on the asphalt again and again. But it granted a fine spirit athletes such as the Aston Martin Virage spout anyway prefer in good weather. 2011 Aston Martin Virage 2Commendable close off on the DBS

The Virage is by no means unknown at Aston Martin. At the end of the 1980s and early 1990s the Virage was the Crown of the Aston Martin design. When it was looking for an image rich gap filler between Gran Turismo and super sports car, the name was quickly found. Driving dynamic of the Virage in the sport mode follows pleasant the DBS top model. Its steering is precise and the brakes have no trouble getting to keep the British colossus in check. The wide track, the long wheelbase and the positioning of the V12 power plant on and behind the front axle provide a good weight distribution. But its weight can also so not completely re-record the Virage – on the contrary. Despite massive V12 power, you can feel the 1.8 tonnes with ever-shrinking curves.2011 Aston Martin Virage 3Thick friendship with the gas station attendant

The performance is as impressive as you expect of an Aston Martin. So the Virage in the numerical comparison not too much to the DBS work, engine performance with 497 HP just under 500 mark and also the top speed of 299 remained more than it shows concealed. The 15 litres of standard consumption show by the way that the 4,70 meters long Aston largely waives popular efficiency measures and its passengers instead not only with 570 nm maximum torque, but enthralled with a fantastic sound. Thus not always happy, who goes to the gas station attendant of his confidence?2011 Aston Martin Virage 4

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