Audi A5 DTM 40While the current DTM season seems to interest the motorsports fans at the periphery, the next is already casting its shadow. As part of the show at Munich’s Olympic stadium race has re-entering the BMW provides a first look at his car 2012. And Audi already provides a foretaste of his car. As might be expected is the A5 just recently renovated the basis for the winged racing coupe that will celebrate at the Frankfurt IAA in September and will complement its public debut in Audi’s success story of the traditional touring car series by a few chapters.Audi A5 DTM 41Besides the lower number of doors is at first glance compared to the current A4 DTM larger rear wing. Exerting more downforce on the rear axle, which is to compensate for the elimination of many regulations related Zusatzleitbleche. The drive train of the in-plant “R17″ A5-called DTM is adopting almost unchanged from the four-door brother, the V8 engine delivers 460 hp and still sends its power via a sequential six-speed transmission towards the rear wheels.
Audi A5 DTM 42
Audi is particularly proud motorsport division of the safety concept of the 2012er DTM racer. Understand that the engineers working there has their craft, have shown not least, this year’s 24-hour race in Le Mans, in which Allan McNish and Mike Rockenfeller in the R18 TDI has had two serious accidents almost unhurt. The Audi A5 DTM series, like all new DTM cars on a high-strength carbon fiber monocoque, which is combined with a steel tube cage. In addition to the A-and C-pillar in the future, a B-pillar is provided in front of the driver’s head. The side walls of the vehicles are manufactured in a hybrid construction of carbon fiber, Zylon and Rohacell and structurally reinforced by webs. You have to tolerate in a side impact, an approximately four times higher than static load bisher.Um a fire accident to prevent the tank is now integrated as the Le Mans race car into the carbon-fiber monocoque.
Audi A5 DTM 43What the new Audi A5 DTM is to perform on the race track capable of experiencing, we are only next year. How it looks, however, already at the IAA. Until then, Mercedes will present his DTM race car for the upcoming season. Want to bet that a wild-winged race car will be based on the new C-Class coupes?

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