2011 Audi Urban Concept 1Futuristic Citymobil
No doubt that in the next two decades, more and more small and car will populate the cities of the world. What might look like as a Citymobil, shows a realistic study on the Frankfurt Motor Show Audi. The men double event 3.20 metres long and 1.70 metre wide appears to like a cigar on wheels with free standing 21-Zöllern, which are framed by fenders with LED lights. The 1.20 M high monocone consists of carbon fiber reinforced plastic. The urban concept should weigh the lightweight concept despite all body rigidity and crash safety under 500 kg. In contrast to the former cabin scooter made by Messerschmitt works the glass dome for the entry and exit to the side. Rather, the roof construction, such as when a light aircraft is being manually pushed backwards. This opens also the lateral side and offers as a light into the Interior of the aircraft on wheels.
2011 Audi Urban Concept 2Ecological fantasy
In the Interior, there is space for two passengers who moved easily due to the better space are positioned side by side. On the different body heights of his driver Audi adjusts urban concept by an electric adjustment for steering wheel, dashboard and pedals. The urban model for the future is powered by two electric motors. Lithium-ion batteries will enable a range of 50 kilometers. The maximum speed of the electric cigar is included in 100 km / h. remains to be seen whether it’s just an ecological fantasy or urban has a series of reference concept.2011 Audi Urban Concept 3

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