2011 B&B VW T5 2.0 TSI 1

Fathers with a penchant for performance and speed it know only too well: the (driving) fun unfortunately often ceases with the family planning. First is a compact MPV a small station wagon, later perhaps, and at some point – the necessary small change provided – a Bulli, if the size of the kids in the direction of a basketball or ice hockey teams. But as says bad detergent or toothpaste commercials so beautifully: “This doesn’t have to be!” Because VW specialist B & B brings the current T5 gear werksseitig so to shape, that maximum 320 HP it jump out as a result. But must the two liter turbo gasoline engine on board and – as already in the series model – the budget vote.

2011 B&B VW T5 2.0 TSI 2

B & B ignites a four-step program for its performance Spa. Go with a modified engine electronics and a slightly elevated pressure. An investment of 1,198 euros 245 instead of 204 HP in the data sheet are for now, the maximum torque increases from 350 to 400 nm. Who is ready, in addition to spend 600 euros, can revise the intake pathways and air tours from B & B, increase the pressure by about 0.25 bar and change the Einspritzkennfeld. The results are 265 HP and 425 nm.

2011 B&B VW T5 2.0 TSI 3

Stage three is a manageable power and torque increase (295 HP and 460 NM), pulls a neat hole in the wallets with a price of 7,950 euro but. After all, the tuning includes a new turbocharger, a modified air intake system, a sports exhaust system and an adapted electronics. Since the key data for the great solution read even more interesting. Because here B & B exchanges in addition the intercooler, builds a an oil cooler and also installed an exhaust of pipe which reduces back pressure and temperature. 320 HP and 495 nm available are now, what the T5 not only a decent zero on hundred Sprinter (6.5 instead of 8.7 seconds), but makes also a pesky left track opponents thanks to 228 (instead of 200) km/h top speed.

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