2011 BMW 135i 1The dried-BMW 135i was powered by P Zero Test at 24-hour  races at the Nurburgring. Now the race car is the street legal in the test at the start. We are the sporty BMW 1 series at the Hockenheimring on the heart and kidneys have been tested. When cars have a soul, then this vehicle would have been in the last three months, definitely crazy. Million pairs of eyes focused his racing stripes in front of thousands of curious noses pressed flat out the side windows, and many wanted to win the car. A family man with three children pulled the big prize – because of space needs between racing seats and roll cage, but he declined the prize from a sniff. 2011 BMW 135i 2BMW 135i back on track
It’s high time the special BMW 1 Series, which goes by the name “BMW 135i powered by P Zero,” again to allow the outlet. From the platter in the largest German airports goes after a brief technical check into the paddock at Hockenheim. Pit lane, curbs, start light – curve of the trained sniffer breathes easier again now demanding. “From the racetrack to the street, was the theme in the development,” says Rainer Dörr, who as the team leader of dried motor sport with his team for years to be successful in the long-distance championship and the 24h-race at the Nurburgring, the start the project. After a successful endurance test at the 24-hour marathon in 2009 with a double class victory of the two prototypes used 135i and 38 place overall, started the first small series production of the BMW 1 series race car with road permission.
2011 BMW 135i 3Instead of the cross and Sweden are today Fuchsröhre Motodrom Sachs and curve on the test plan. The twin-turbo inline six blows to the attack. The 306-hp series are long gone. Thanks to optimize characteristic maps, 1.15 bar maximum boost pressure (series: 0.6 bar) and the BMW Performance exhaust system resists the 380 hp BMW 1 series now on its crankshaft. To avoid heat problems, Dorr also uses an additional water cooler as well as the larger fan out of the BMW Performance range of accessories.2011 BMW 135i 4Turn into an experience
The first fragrance brand is the BMW 135i-dried in the test already in the longitudinal dynamics measurements. The Power-One has up to a minimal turbo lag with no apparent end of steam – automobile spring fever, more reminiscent of a BMW M3. In the sprint to highway speed, he trumps the standard model with 4.9 seconds then also by four-tenths of a second. Clack, clack, clack, the shifter out of the range provides high-performance switching enjoyment.

Thanks to the hood, fenders, bumpers and the rear lid made of fiberglass and emptied the interior with Recaro bucket seats and carbon trim parts reduces the vehicle weight. Who now but expect a lot of weight reduction, is wrong. Due to the screwed-security cell in the dried-one about 50 kilograms lighter than the production model. “Doors GRP unfortunately prohibits the TÜV, but the car is also available for extra charge with carbon caps,” Rainer Dörr offers further potential savings.
Pirelli tires for the race track.

But from one pound more or less the number 004 does not impress the small series. An adjustable KW Clubsport suspension lowers the vehicle center of gravity by 30 millimeters. To keep the tire wear in check, took over the dried-developer of falling values ​​of the production car. Speaking of tires: Quietly and secretly, without much road noise, is celebrating the muscular wheel arches, a novice his racing debut in the sport auto-test – specifically developed for use on the racetrack Trofeo Pirelli P Zero tire-road sports. After a short warm-up phase, the new claw tires with high grip level in the asphalt.

2011 BMW 135i 5Excellent traction in the BMW 1 Series
Even when turning into the jagged Armeisenkurve the brain signals the question: “Am I really in a BMW 1 Series?” Brilliant – the razor sharp turn-in no way more reminiscent of a Regular Guy-Coupe, as it rolls out of the BMW plant in Leipzig. The tendency to understeer on corner entry secure the dried-trained troops to the central incisors but not completely. Thanks rear axle with 45-percent locking effect of the street racing shines with impressive traction. At full load, he pulls off the apex with moderate oversteer, but always safely under control of the curve.
2011 BMW 135i 6In the fast passage’s curve, as the left turns into the crossbar, which caused a little too soft damper setting at Hockenheim for rocking body movements. Although the dried-BMW 135i powered by P Zero in the test with his lap time of 1.13,8 minutes the plant model outclassed by nearly four seconds (series:. 1.17,4 minimum), and with a more aggressive would be determined primarily by a harsher suspension setup a second off lap times have been possible. Thanks to the adjustable KW suspension must not be racing enthusiasts but to hang his head: “We deliver the car with a chassis compromise for everyday and track, on request. We provide the chassis but also for personal bests at Hockenheim or on the Nordschleife,” said team boss Dörr smiling.

Whether the new BMW 1 Series M Coupe is also a blast as the dried-, BMW 135i powered by P Zero so is questionable. Club sports fans, the dried-BMW is recommended. With brisk turn-in, good traction and short-throw shifter, it delivers pure driving fun. Despite the slightly soft suspension setup, the power Einser powdered Butzbach from 135i all the previous lap times. After a slight curve input understeer tendency of ones under a load curve from the apex to ensure a manageable over steer. The Pirelli P Zero Toffees convince with good levels of grip.

2011 BMW 135i 7

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