2011 BMW M5 1With the new BMW M5, the Bavarian Crown the 5 series with athleticism and power. The new sport sedan of the M GmbH is accelerated by a 560 HP of strong Biturbo V8 to up to 305 km/h. Its premiere celebrates the BMW M5 at the Frankfurt Motor Show 2011 in Frankfurt. You are on business limousines, but want to not give up racing-oriented driveline and chassis technology? Then a new offer from Munich in the House is now. BMW sets the new M5 to Kiel.2011 BMW M5 52011 BMW M5 4Externally, the BMW M5 makes only subtle, but nevertheless very effective on powerhouse. But this later more. Really to the point it goes under the hood of the new BMW M5. Where in the last generation a five liter v10 high speed engine provided power, the new generation relies on the power of forced ventilation.M5 with special package up to 305 km/h in 4-Liter V8 engine may up turn 4, still – the maximum speed is located at at 7200/min. – but draws his superior power from the pressure of two turbochargers. When you properly blow fall make whopping 560 HP and a maximum torque of 680 nm of the newly developed seven-speed dual clutch transmission that forwards its power only to the rear wheels. If you want to know it can catapult the BMW M5 in 4.4 seconds from zero to 100 km/h. 200 km/h should be after just 13 seconds achieved. At 250 km/h the electronics down regulates it is because you have in the M invested drivers package, then the M5 pilot can enjoy up to 305 km/h top. Because also a M model with the expensive fuel must conserve, also the BMW M5 has many components from the efficient Dynamics Toolkit. Among other things, energy is recovered when braking and at the traffic light stop the V8 at rest will be forfeited. The bottom line, BMW for the M5 promises a standard consumption of 9.9 litres per 100 km.2011 BMW M5 2Individually programmable driving programs
Dynamism is also the key word when it should go in the BMW M5 ahead. An electronically-controlled limited slip differential provides for optimal traction. Adaptive damper secure the road contact. DSC brakes too brisk pilots a. For those who love it spicy, is that the 5 series with a drive button on the steering wheel in two stages sharpening. Previously, the driving programs can be configured individually in various parameters. Because M5 drivers must stop also BMW times, the 1.9-ton sedan is delayed of 400 discs and rear by 396er discs in combination with six-piston calipers. 19 Inch M light-alloy wheels that are paired with 265/40 front and rear tyres 295/milks keep the road contact.2011 BMW M5 3M look for the 5 series
BMW M5 hungry times not for dynamic movement, there remains time to study its M characteristics. Exterior mirrors in the M-design, the newly drawn front apron with extra large air intakes on the cool and the braking system, issued wheel arches, Gill elements in the front fenders, a rear apron with integrated diffuser and a small spoiler lip on the trunk lid. Not to mention the mandatory four-pipe exhaust system, the left and right depending on a couple forms.2011 BMW M5 6Inside, the BMW M5 dissociates from his civilian brothers M sport seats, a newly painted instrument, special interior trim as well as a leather interior and a black headliner. To have all the normal 5ers comfort options are of course, also the assistance systems can be combined with the M5. 2011 BMW M5 7

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