2011 BMW X1 18d 1Terrain characteristics
With the BMW X1 has climbed two years ago, in both senses down. For one, the one with the smallest X of the brother of the successful trio X3, X5 and X6. On the other hand, Bayern occur in the medium SUV segment against competitors who otherwise have little to do with the illustrious premium league in the BMW else is fighting for glory and honor. The competitors come from the Far East and preferred names such as Nissan Qashqai, Toyota RAV4, Kia Sportage or Hyundai on ix35 wear the boot lid. Against the strong opposition from Japan and Korea are trying the best BMW X1 virtues: driving dynamics, sporting ambitions, powerful units and a charge list that seems to know no bounds.

Four-cylinder engine
Ideally, one can decide in the BMW X1 for the 177 horsepower xDrive 20d (from 35.000 €). A costly affair, as the weak standard equipment is driving the price toward the mark at 50,000. Who wants to live on less power is also the xDrive 18d cozy home. The two-liter common-rail unit is largely identical to that of the X1 xDrive 20d. However, the 1.6-ton four-wheel drive with 105 kW / 143 hp do. It turns out, fast: that’s enough for a normal everyday operations of city and country, without a river forever. The clearly audible, but never annoying four-cylinder diesel engine accelerates the wheel drive vehicle in about ten seconds on speed 100 On motorways, beats the X1 xDrive 18d valiantly only to pace 160th Then he gets tired and reaches the 195 km / h rather unwillingly. Goes out from the bottom thanks to a torque of 350 Nm at 1,750 rev / min, however, some progress.2011 BMW X1 18d 2Shake, Rattle & Roll
A neat idea delivers the entry-level crossover from BMW at the pump. Even if the promised average thirst was too ambitious of 5.7 liters of diesel, used the BMW X1 xDrive 18d 6.9 liters in a practical test. That is always acceptable for a car that is 4.45 meters long and more than 1.6 tons traveling with four-wheel drive. The start-stop automatic cuts in the inner city and in traffic jams while the consumption, bringing in each startup, but a decent shake in Bavaria. The pesky inner city traffic congestion and traffic lights with relay races helps a button that disables the automatic.

Commercial Vehicle qualities
The BMW X1 is in the house while the entry model in the SUV world, but just as an alternative to a small cluster is he worth more than a thought flirting. Its seating position is slightly increased, but not too high, the suspension firm and comfortable hold of the leaves with a sufficient volume of 420-1350 liters can transport all kinds of possibilities for the rear seats are folded down easily in the ratio 40:20:40. Under the cargo floor there is a horizontal type case for smaller items that should not fly around in the car. The payload of the X1 xDrive 18d is located at least 550 kg. If that’s not enough: as 1.8 tonnes towing capacity are available. What is missing is the X1, an electric actuator for the tailgate.
2011 BMW X1 18d 3Vintage Interior
The interior of the BMW X1 is reflected in the popular look. Valent something softer to the touch and are likely to surface of the dashboard and trim in a car show of the 30,000-euro league entirely. But here’s little brother apparently wants to secure the X3 and X5 true decency gap. Its seats are comfortable. However, not only for long-haul driver to recommend the 580-euro sport seats with increased side bolsters and extendable thigh support. Whoever orders the full package does nothing wrong. The rear seat could well be a bit more livable. More than two adult occupants leave the wheelbase of 2.76 meters and the corresponding internal width not.

List usury
Loaded or empty, can the firm, but rarely fallen to hard suspension on the BMW X1. The body also shows the limit no annoying pitch and roll. It is allowed to fell an SUV for road use. Once again excellent: precise steering and crisp six-speed manual transmission. So very pleased engine, gearbox and chassis, so inappropriate to the present standard. While the X1 shine competitors from Japan and Korea, not only with lower prices, but especially with interesting equipment packages and standard comfort features, driving dynamics are allowed here a painful faux pas. Except seats, and steering wheel to control the BMW X1 every little thing really be paid. For the SUV customers who like to put a few euros more in equipping their mobile pedestal, a painful experience. Common class for granted, such as sound system (from 540 €), climate (560 €), alloy wheels or a center armrest is unfortunately not the X1. Who’s X1 xDrive 18d with heated seats (330 €), xenon light (600 €), metallic paint wants to outfit (from 660 €) or navigation system (from 2570) is lost in the depths of the seemingly endless options list. Incredibly, even multi-function steering wheel, USB port or a rain / light sensor together cost a few hundred. The parking aid is already one of the most popular extras. Cost: 750 €.

Heartbreak Hotel
The base price for the weak-equipped BMW X1 xDrive 18d is exactly 32,000 euros. At least the extra cost of 2,000 euros for a good four-wheel drive with variable power distribution is well spent. This helps not only in rain, snow and ice, but also on their resale, where (X1 sDrive 18 from € 30 000), the rear-wheel drive hit significantly worse. For this you can save the expensive 2250 euros extra for the optional automatic transmission confidently. The miss on the 143-hp diesel-X1 nobody. The bottom line of the BMW X1 xDrive 18d as a decent basic package, which should suffice for many customers. Who orders a few useful extras should count on a price of at least 40,000 €. The 177-hp BMW X1 xDrive 20d reflected better, especially on the motorway and on country roads at almost the same fuel consumption. But 3000 € extra charge for 34 hp more performance with the same features are a painful premium which should be carefully considered. Finally, the prices of the extras in the professional buyers are inclined to break your heart.2011 BMW X1 18d 4

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