2011 Carlsson Mercedes CGL45 1Rather more than enough
At this point, it is going to be as visible. Of these, the Mercedes GL – especially in the most luxurious Grand Edition – the production car to offer really enough. However, as with so many things you have liked it more than enough. At this point, Carlsson comes into play. The traditional Mercedes tuner provides his interpretation of the luxury sUVs from Swabia to the center of its IAA will – and thus gives not only the car, but certainly its stand more presence. The curtain rises on the Carlsson CGL45.
2011 Carlsson Mercedes CGL45 2Whoever does good
Thanks to the aerodynamic package, the presence of the large vessel increases to dominate. This is especially true for the Front, which is primarily designed for one purpose: bumper, LED daytime running lights and especially the chrome grille with Carlsson logo are notoriously slow-to-and-far-left lane of the driver zurRäumung animate.  Has the Carlsson CGL45 pushed past the obstruction, the left behind to admire the new rear spoiler and four stainless steel tailpipes? However, surely not for long, because Carlsson also does the GL good engines.
2011 Carlsson Mercedes CGL45 3Diesel and gasoline engines, from small to large
The three-liter V6 diesel in the GL 350 CDI, for example. With the C-Tronic control unit, the power increases from 265 to 310 hp. Maximum torque has been increased by 80 to 700 Nm. Furthermore, for the additionally available V6 and V8 gasoline engine, Carlsson Power upgrades on offer. As a highlight is the CK50S-, performance kit that brings the factory 388 hp top engine in the GL 500 to 435 hp. Here, the maximum torque rises from 530 to 600 Nm.2011 Carlsson Mercedes CGL45 4

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