2011 Citroen DS 5 1The Citroen DS 5 DS is the newest member of the family and will be the first car brand in the Hybrid, the diesel full-hybrid technology will be used. The engine pushes 200 hp to all four wheels of the crossover. Despite the remarkable performance, comes from the DS5 use of hybrid technology, only 99 grams of CO2 per kilometer. At least according to the manufacturer. The Citroen DS 5 Hybrid4 not only the new technology is being used, but a composite of various assistance systems should work hand in hand. Some highlights are the intelligent traction control and the AFIL Lane Assistant, which is coupled with a video system.
2011 Citroen DS 5 2Those who can not reach the Shanghai Auto Show to wait, given in advance a number of information and answers to burning questions about the German Facebook page by Citroen. Since 1955, when Citroen DS is the abbreviation for a particular automobile. In this model, Citroen series combines the latest technologies in the automobile sector in a vehicle. And the DS5 will again be a revolutionary vehicle that stands out from the crowd. For the DS5 is packed with plenty of luxury and technology. Besides the aforementioned assistance systems, the drive is of course one of the highlights of the new model.2011 Citroen DS 5 3This work HDi diesel and an electric motor. The diesel engine transmits its power to the front, while the electric motor drives the rear wheels. Together, the two units, a system output of 200 hp and make the DS5 so if necessary to a 4 × 4 wheel drive vehicle. The electric motor assists either the acceleration process or emission-free driving the vehicle in the city. What does the DS5 uses now and what its range is (with either hybrid or pure electric) suggests Citroen have not so far. Only the Co2 emissions are given as 99 g / km.
2011 Citroen DS 5 3 2As a model for the study could serve DS5 C-Sports Lounge, which was presented at the IAA 2005. The parallels between the two models are hard to miss, because both are characterized by optically flat hood and the narrow A-pillars made of. Citroen will present at the Shanghai Auto Show still a special premium version – the DS5 White Pearl. Special paints are used here and in the interior, there are leather upholstery and real wood trim. The driver is supplied with two additional screens with information about engine performance, range, fuel economy and other vehicle details. What kind of prices you must expect, Citroen has unfortunately not yet been announced. After its premiere in Shanghai will be the DS5 in this country at this year’s IAA can visit.2011 Citroen DS 5 4

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