exhaust system for BMW 1 1 1The BMW 1 Series M Coupe offers a sporty sound leaves the factory, but for some owners is the standard system also far too restrained. For this target group Iron Man has long been a popular meeting place and time for the IAA in September, offering specialists in Hemmingen also two stainless steel equipment for the new entry-level model of the M GmbH, with it alongside a version with street legal again a solution for export and racetrack will be.
exhaust system for BMW 1 2The entire exhaust system is manufactured from iron man of experienced staff in hand and will help the in-line six-cylinder under the hood not only lead to more sound power, but thanks to a clear airway also even more power: 10 extra horsepower will have measured iron man when comparing with the standard exhaust system.
exhaust system for BMW 1 3Even if the sport exhaust system at the IAA celebrates its first public debut, they can already be ordered. For the pre-silencer with EC-approval calls on Eisenmann € 535.50, the muffler replaced with four tailpipes each measuring 83 millimeters for the owner € 1309.exhaust system for BMW 1 4exhaust system for BMW 1 5exhaust system for BMW 1 6exhaust system for BMW 1 7exhaust system for BMW 1 1

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