2011 Ferrari F430 1

Sought-after collector’s item
With the strictly limited 16M-Modellen – launched to celebrate the 16th title of the Scuderia in F1-, Ferrari 2008 heralded the end of open F430. Only 499 specimens have been created by the Italian gem, despite an initial price of over 250,000 euros ruck time were out of print. Most of them are gone straight in dusty collections, which is why the real enthusiast must find other ways to a Ferrari Scuderia spider 16 m. Now the way to the tuner offers: Anderson Germany gearing to the regular Spider to the Scuderia 16 m and called it “Conversion Edition”.

2011 Ferrari F430 2

Yellow black – a popular colour combination
In addition to the body kit consisting of front bumper, side skirts and rear apron falls above all the painting in the eye. Anderson missed a complete coating called “Hyper Black” as well as the characteristic stripes in the style of the 430 Scuderia models the spider. On the ground floor, yellow-painted brake calipers will attract the attention, dark tinted glass to keep exactly these of the inmates. To push the weight of Italo-racers, Anderson distributed also plenty Carbonim and at the open two seater: motor ventilation grille, rear diffuser, side mirrors and the covers in the engine compartment are made of the precious material.

2011 Ferrari F430 3

Much stronger than the model
The exhaust system also makes its contribution to the reduction of weight. Compared to the equivalent of the series, the new exhaust with racing catalytic converters, flap control and fan exhaust headers brings a weight saving of rich 29 kg with itself. But not all: In collaboration with the optimized engine software that help Tröten, raise the performance of originally 490 on 569 PS. Thus he sets from Spider 16 m by the way also from the original Scuderia, which offers “only” 510 HP.

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