2011 infiniti JX 1Social marketing
In April, there was the first announcement of a new seven-seater luxury crossovers, now Infiniti makes serious with the referred JX precious hybrid. On 18 August, the concept car and the first information to be unveiled at the Pebble Beach Concours d ‘ Elegance. Until then, and that for five weeks, fans of noble Nissan subsidiary on Facebook are made weekly curious with a detail screen of the new. There are five more or less meaningful snapshots so far, two follow-up to the unveiling at Pebble Beach. Then, also a Facebook brand friend live will be when he participated in the contest until then.
2011 infiniti JX 2Self-confident appearance
What we can see so far is pretty little. However, the JX just from behind but closely resembles the just typeface lifted SUV FX. Infiniti promises a “exciting, elegant alternative to the currently rather boring offer of the competition” better off families with confidence. With three rows of seats, room for seven and a “breathtaking Interior” to the desired results is to adapt. The Japanese on the world premiere of the production version celebrated Los Angeles Auto Show in November. In the spring of 2012, the JX then rolls to the merchants.2011 infiniti JX 3

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