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From the outside, the white Jaguar looks like a normal XF. But a real hopes working under the hood. Already years ago, a cylinder diesel engine debuted in the little successful X-type. A cylinder of the latest generation of choice now also works in the Jaguar XF of model-year 2012. So long until a successor to the discontinued middle-class model X-type is, to the XF entice such customers 2.2 diesel, who long appreciate routes with low consumption and corresponding maintenance costs. The new entry-level diesel is presented here together with a discreet model refinement. New headlight elements and details in the Interior to upgrade the XF of model year 2012. The revised screen navigation system (2.490 euro extra charge) was better by the review; leaves but still some desired in terms of handling, display and performance.

2011 Jaguar XF 2.2 2

Whereas in particular the German Premiumkonkurrenz has so far not only powerful six-cylinder diesel engine, but also small Einsteigerversionen for fleet customers in the program, there was only a down layered three litre version at the Jaguar XF with 211 HP. Now Jaguar sets also to a small cylinder diesel engine. “This is the most economical Jaguar of ever”, explains XF series Manager Andy Wyman, “The engine is incredibly quiet and has little vibration.” “He runs so quiet as our six-cylinder diesel up to model year 2010.” The engine comes from the cooperation with PSA and Ford. The four cylinders diesel with 2.2 liter and easier turbocharging works in models such as the Land Rover Freelander, Peugeot 508 or Ford Mondeo. He säuselt despite four combustion chambers quietly to himself, and offers a regular passage with 450 nm torque. 140 KW / 190 HP are sufficient to be powerful on the road on highways and motorways. The Briton creates 0 to 100 km/h in 8.5 seconds, and also a top speed of 225 km/h will make one forget any deprivation. The smooth-running four cylinder can however not completely re-record a small collision weakness.2011 Jaguar XF 2.2 3

In the Normzyklusverbraucht of the four cylinder 5.4 liters. It would have been even less in it, the 1.8 tons heavy Jaguar XF as the competition would have a regenerative braking system. “But this effort was too large for the maintenance of a model”, Andy Wyman admits and points to the limited capacity of the small producer, “but that will come.” “We are working.” The Jaguar engineers are still satisfied, because the consumption of 5.4 litres means a CO2 emissions of 149 grams. Thus, the XF 2.2 diesel in many European countries is covered by a beneficiary tax scheme for form. Business customers appreciate also the other qualities of 4.96 M long sedan. Space, as well as standard equipment are extensive and 540 liters of storage space.2011 Jaguar XF 2.2 4

In contrast to the competition, the Jaguar XF 2.2 diesel is exclusively offered with an eight-speed automatic. Their individual speed steps are fine. The Briton at a traffic light or a jam, rolls the engine assumes that gently. Somewhat zögerlicher, he jumps in again when the gas pedal. The six also get the new eight-speed automatic transmission with start stop function from 2012. Then the standard consumption of the three litre diesel from 6.8 to 6.3 litres is reduced. And a six-cylinder has just a very different charm as a motor with four combustion chambers for many. It has long been no longer a secret, that the Jaguar XF in the medium term as all cycling and wagon version called estate is to come. “Our combined class looks”, Andy Wyman confirmed, “but it takes something, until he comes.” “We need the XF estate urgently, in order to compete against the 5 Series Touring and A6 avant in the European market.”

2011 Jaguar XF 2.2 5

In the basic equipment, the now discontinued 211 PS strong XF 3.0 diesel in the slimmed down version of the luxury cost just under 50,000. The new four cylinder is significantly below with 44.900. This is indeed significantly more than competitors such as Mercedes E 220 CDI, Audi A6 2.0 TDI or BMW 520, which start at around 40,000 euros. But the XF 2.2 diesel offers the standard eight levels of attendant a good comfort and safety with Xenon light, air conditioning and cruise control. If you would like to purchase from Kagi, six cylinder: the 240 PS versions starts tempting 49.900 euro. Also no bad choice. This also applies to the V8 petrol engine with 385 or 510 HP. Missing only a modern six-cylinder petrol engine, but also the good time should become reality.

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