Lamborghini Gallardo Galaxy Warrior 1Over 11,000 of these € “Galaxy Warrior” body kit from ATS should have brought on eBay. For getting the owner of a Lamborghini Gallardo had a front air dam, a rear apron, side skirts and a matching twin tailpipe muffler. Included in the price but also the promise would have been, with its over 500 hp V10-athletes stand out more clearly than hitherto. Came the edgy, angular Gallardo in series rather discreetly elegant clothes, therefore, this conversion would have made him the guarantor of open mouths. Polarized, especially the rear. Of “sensational” and “disgusting” comments the rich on the Internet.
Lamborghini Gallardo Galaxy Warrior 2Fact: There is probably no other modification changed so emphatically the butt of more than 300 km / h fast bull. Why does the seller have finally offer before the expiry of the time eBay removed is not known. Or it could have been due to the sometimes coarse comments that were made ​​on various sites around the world to the reorganization. Because even in magazines in Britain, the USA and Sweden have been reported about the “Galaxy Warrior”.Lamborghini Gallardo Galaxy Warrior 3

Lamborghini Gallardo Galaxy Warrior 4

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