2011 lexus loses market 1Lexus loses market. Japan as a manufacturer of premium invincible. We do not see every day.Market of  Lexus luxury cars also filled a large part of Germany,like bmw and mercedes. Last year in Germany, almost more than 150 Lexus GS sold. The current model is a big glider, there is no great ambition with luxurious interiors and drive hybrids. With the next generation that comes on the market in mid 2012, will be much different. The design of the elongated coupe sedan with roof leaks and soft organic forms, but have forgotten.
2011 lexus loses market 2Only six-cylinder
BMW 5er Especially now want to shoot Lexus GS and relies entirely on the subject of hybrid propulsion. Thirsty and powerful eight-cylinder is the past, the new GS is exclusively driven by a six cylinder. Toyota Group holds itself to the exact details of the machine yet again, as a successor model in 2013 came first in the market. The base model is possible, however, not more than 2.5 liters and less than 250 hp have. Four cylinder, station wagon or diesel remains as abandoned. That should make the Lexus luxury in Europe is difficult to access the premium because of strong competition. Turbocharged and with too little capacity, GS show runs first base as a soldier tired, at This is because users want a partner in driving comfort.
2011 lexus loses market 3Fuel-efficient
Lexus is estimated to have 340 hp like the previous generation, however, consume ten percent less fuel. This can not convince an automatic transmission. Here, keep the technophile Japanese continued to look at stepless CVT gearbox, is expected to hybrid technology with NiMH batteries can produce seven liters of 100 kilometers. The weight of the battery is reduced to less than 90 pounds.2011 lexus loses market 42011 lexus loses market 5

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