2011 Mazda CX-5 1After Mazda in the larger SUV classes so far, the models CX-7 and CX-9 offered to the Japanese sport now put the smaller CX-5 after a series version of Minagi. He is to replace the larger CX-7 as a successor quickly. The new CX-5 is the first model of the newly introduced Kodo design language and to defend themselves against such strong competitors such as BMW X1, VW Tiguan and Nissan Qashqai in the scene. The CX-5 takes several design elements from the four-passenger sedan design study and Shinari remember his rising side line and the brawny rear of the outgoing Mazda CX-7. Especially, the front grille with the unusual and the fast-slotted headlamps come much more dynamic. Matter of taste, but an eye-catcher is the lower grille surround. It has a bulbous shape and V-right and then left to run in the headlights – the whole looks like a bird spreading its wings.2011 Mazda CX-5 2Cockpit
“Our design is focused for a long time to find new ways of expressing movement,” says Mazda President Takashi Yamanouchi. “Kodo – Soul of Motion” the Japanese called their new design language. “Kodo appeals to the heart and soul alike. We want to bring the power, beauty and power to express, which we know from the animal world,” said Yamanouchi. After the Kodo-principle was the concept study Shinari. The elegant coupe-sedan crouches low on the tarmac at the front and has the same look as the bird’s wings Minagi. Furthermore, inside the Japanese go new ways. The studies Shinari Minagi and had a driver-oriented cockpit with three small round gauges and center console. A large display for driver inclined Minagi replaced in most conventional switches. With the production version of the CX-5 is something homespun. However, there are also three-round  dials, which is digitized by the right. Through the air vents on the center console is a multi-function display for navigation and sound system.2011 Mazda CX-5 3Compaction
Mazda’s crossover is powered by the newly developed units Skyactiv generation. While most competitors rely on turbo charging, the Japanese builds at least the gasoline to conventional methods for greater efficiency. The gasoline direct injection according to Mazda with 14:1 has the world’s highest compression ratio of a gasoline engine for high-volume vehicles. The weight of the aggregate Skyactiv shrinks in comparison to the predecessor engine by ten percent, the losses due to friction within the engine. The engineers could  reduce by 30 percent. The diesel engine Mazda uses Skyactiv-D on a two-stage turbo charging. Weight and friction have also been reduced. The consumption is expected to decrease compared to the current 2.2-liter diesel engine by 20 percent.2011 Mazda CX-5 4

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