2011 McLaren M8F 1CanAm cars like the McLaren M8F by Peter Hoffmann are bigger, faster and louder than almost any other race cars. At historic racing events include the powerful cars bursting of the high points.An ordinary day of testing at Hockenheim Motodrom. The sun is shining, the asphalt of the track is getting warmer, in the pits the team to potter about the different race cars. That changes when Peter Hoffmann brings the 8.3-liter V8 engine of his McLaren M8F for controlled explosion.

The craziest racing series in the world
At idle speed let the pressure waves from the two upper arm fat tailpipes of the McLaren M8F vibrate the floor, on the soles of the low-frequency vibrations to penetrate directly into the stomach. Look at all. A gas blast by hand at 3,500 rpm, then wiggle the pit walls. Suddenly, silence all other activities. Something that has a motor, something that has a barely tamed violence. This thing in front of box 18 is approximately 40 years old. Nevertheless, there is still nothing that sets up the steep neck hairs and causes a bigger goose bumps when a car like this CanAm McLaren M8F. And if a whole field of it revolves around the race track with Baden flickering speed, the spectators are comfortable on the Grandstand, as in a thunderstorm.

The McLaren M8F CanAm was one of the actors, or more precisely, the Canadian-American Challenge Cup, the transmission on the racetrack was the dream land of opportunity. The regulations of 1966 allowed the designers virtually a free hand, which leads not only to install powerful engines, but also to all sorts of oddities such as fans for more downforce or four engines on board – one for each wheel
A New Zealander builds the fastest car and dominates as a driver

Amazingly, sat down yet built up the more conservative, but in detail very well-made cars by the New Zealander Bruce McLaren. From 1967 to 1971 with the McLaren M6A McLaren M8F governed by the CanAm McLaren, Bruce McLaren and Denny Hulme and his compatriot took turns on the podiums between St. Jovite, Elkhart Lake and Laguna Seca. Of the 43 races in the five years the McLaren won 37, which makes a success rate of 86 percent.

According to Bruce McLaren’s death while testing at Goodwood in 1970 Hulme held the team together for a while. But then in 1972 the Porsche 917 Turbo and ended the domination of the Kiwis came. 1974 was also at the end of the series, which was their best times on the same lines on the road much faster than the Formula 1 There were parallel to the CanAm series in Europe, Inter, and for those received in 1972 by Helmut Kelleners delivered by Trojan from England, where the customers cars were built by McLaren, McLaren M8F one with the chassis number 272nd
From racing to wrestling – Peter Hoffman Racing

This in turn McLaren M8F acquired two years later, a young racing driver, born in 1939 in Breslau, had named Peter Hoffman, who previously earned on various BMW Camaro and Corvette, and then his spurs. “With the McLaren M8F I drove Inter Series, World Championship races and 1,000-km race,” says Hoffmann, who has struggled in front of his racing career Bundesliga level.

Hoffmann is the living proof of Darfur that slow cars in fast time passes: The 71-year-old from Emmelshausen on the edge of Hunsruck looks good as 50 and still drives like a young god. After the active career, he joined the McLaren M8F so long without a break in the historic motor sport, but went in parallel with a then still current group H-BMW. From this period dates the somewhat unusual color of the McLaren M8F: The BMW should be painted in 1996, and Hoffmann’s son was allowed to choose the color. “And it was just so much purple color remains,” grins Hoffmann.
A motor with luck holds five rounds and brutally pushes ahead

How many races he has ridden with the McLaren M8F, one can only guess, certainly over 300, and a good portion of it, he has won. “How many engines I’ve used to date, I would rather not know,” says Hoffmann, who together with his girlfriend Sabine everything on McLaren M8F screwed himself, “for gear and I’ve spent too much money.” A McLaren M8F engine keeps racing with five plug Gluck, the copy that trembles just warm, it has incorporated revised recently, it shows on the Prüfstand 829 hp and 950 Newton meters. For the test drive the McLaren M8F Hoffmann takes out the 6,000 point limiter to keep the engine at the end of the Parabolica not stuttering device. “So much fun,” he desire for appropriate. Once dry swallow and go.

The unsynchronized, spur of the McLaren M8F Hewland gearbox has five plug while transitions are used but only the top four. At 950 Nm, you may drive in second gear. Hoffmann has replaced the fuel injection characteristic of the McLaren M8F with long intake pipes to a carburetor, “This is the soft power one, which also protects the gear.” In fact, the use of power from 3,000 rpm compared to a year ago driven McLaren M8C / D is not quite so crude – but basically it is like the difference between Klitschko and Klitschko’s left straight right straight.

At full throttle as ahead of the McLaren M8F brutally pushes that one hearing and sight and I can still only four gears with switching hardly descendant. From the state of the monster is something about five plug to 200 seconds, and the braking point at the end of the Parabolica is now approaching nearly 300th Gluck to compress the brake discs of the four giant McLaren M8F well together, it remains comparatively good on track. Because that’s the comforting side of this CanAm car: Aside from the crazy power of the McLaren M8F behaves like a normal, conventional cars, and does exactly what it should. “He is not malicious,” says Hoffmann, “but there are places like the fast left-hander at Spa, where you can not blink.” And in the rain? “Since it takes a lot of feelings when McLaren M8F – one wrong move and you’re off the road.”

In the dry the grip of the McLaren M8F other hand, appears endless, and the fun is limitless. It’s true what CanAm drivers keep repeating: It is like riding a kart – only the lines are short. The ride in the McLaren M8F is like a drug, second, third, fourth gear – every time I want full acceleration through loud “Yippie-ey-yeah” yell. There was no one listening anyway: At the end of the trip show the instruments in the Motodrom 110 decibels for the McLaren M8F.2011 McLaren M8F 2

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