2011 Mercedes C 250 1

Mercedes makes his most important model of small S-class. 10 new assistance systems are available for the class C ready – against hefty surcharges, of course. Otherwise, a lot has happened.

Largest model upgrade of ever
When one speaks of a MoPf at Daimler, a model upgrade is meant. Sometimes this not much happening: an aufgehübschter Grill, some trim and much marketing. At Mercedes of sales strongest series – so far rolled 8.5 million vehicles by the band – the designers and engineers have spun this time but powerful. “It is the largest and profound model upgrade we’ve ever made,” says Hubert Schneider, development manager for the c-class. 2000 New parts have been installed.2011 Mercedes C 250 2
In at last appropriate
Outwardly little changed however. Front mask and headlamps for example are new, the day driving lights under the bumper pull the car visually in the width. The difference, however, is immediately visible in the cockpit. This was also an urgent need according to many. The upper part of the dashboard was redesigned and looks now more by E-class, or CLS, a significant step forward. The guidance screen is no longer possible, but much like the BMW permanently visible. The damped graphic of multimedia displays on the instrument panel was replaced by modern graphics. A new steering wheel is standard on board, the entire interior is wertiger than before. For some details there was not enough however. So, Benz no electronic parking brake, but still the parking brake by foot grid – an evil that most customers will probably be has can get. For new drives it looks as even worse: it is namely too late for really profound modifications in current-class. Hybrid drive for example will no longer exist in this generation of the car, says Hubert Schneider.

2011 Mercedes C 250 3
Start stop and new machine
After all, all models are equipped as standard with an automatic start stop feature. Which works pleasantly in the background, the stopping and starting of the engine is performed almost unnoticed and ensures high comfort in dense city traffic in conjunction with the 7G-Tronic-Automatikgetriebe together with new generation of converters. The seven-speed automatic switches down soft and strong gas allows equal to more than one course. This is sometimes necessary, especially in the high-torque diesel engines. In any case, the seven new stages are a great improvement compared to the old five-speed machine, who slow the course to himself.

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