2011 Mercedes E63 AMG 1There must be two turbos
For many years had AMG, the sporty muscular arm in the House of Daimler, too easy game with the competition. However, after the spectacular sporting BMW 1 series M Coupe thunders contour Sharpener for each of the new BMW M5 – calling card for the brand and muscle man before the Lord – to the superclass to. A double cylinder turbo bollert his opponents from the autumn with 560 PS in reason in soil. Shortly before the market launch of Bavaria, although Mercedes say reports schedule finely tuned. Because the E 63 AMG is now also switched to Turbo-Power. There are 525 HP, 700 nm and a roaring V8 engine at the factory. Who orders the performance package, places the environment even with 557 HP and 800 nm in fear and terror.
2011 Mercedes E63 AMG 2More fat, less fuel
The performance of 4.88 M long Mercedes E read like a true supercar 63 AMG. 0 to 100 km/h in 4.2 seconds and 300 km/h top – down control. Since ensures impression. “The other AMG models at least 35 to 40 percent opt for the more powerful performance package”, explains Christoph Jung, series Director of the E 63 AMG, “this will be the e 63 no less.” On the contrary. “It complains in this class finally no one about to much power.” Already the predecessor, with 6.2 liter and a magnificent naturally-aspirated engine, suffered with its 525 HP not persistent weakness. The new, now twice charged eight 5.5-liter Chamber pushes to but just below out clearly bullish side. But it was the engineers less about a surplus in performance, as contrary to a significant reduction of consumption. Despite powerhouse 557 HP and 800 nm torque between 2,000 and 4,500 rpm of the standard consumption of Kraftprotzes is 9.8 litres Super 100 kilometres – a peak in this performance class and about 20 percent less than with the old V8 aspirator.
2011 Mercedes E63 AMG 3North Loop in under 8 minutes
The E 63 AMG in comfort mode is not only untertourig and casual, but through the electronic damper also extremely comfortable to move, so it goes to the higher sports programmes with the abbreviations S and S + bissiger clearly to the point. Christoph Jung: “this dynamic and fun have the highest status;” underlined by the Blipping on the Downshifting. “With the version we create the Nordschleife of the Nürburgring in under eight minutes.” Not only on the race track’s sporty chassis tuning with the track extended to 5.6 centimetres is positively reflected. But in sharp curves, the Stuttgart bodybuilders may not transfer his weight of 1.8 tons. A four-wheel drive at the AMG Sedan seems only a matter of time. The new electro-mechanical power steering is good, but still a bit more feedback from the road could be. In particular the optional ceramic brakes, which additional costs but decimal gastronimic 11.364 euro ensures best delay values. It’s good that the normal steel brake without a cross in the option list also delivers an excellent idea.2011 Mercedes E63 AMG 4

2011 Mercedes E63 AMG 5

2011 Mercedes E63 AMG 6

2011 Mercedes E63 AMG 7

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