2011 Mercedes ML 1Dramatically more economical, more agile on the road and fit in the site: Mercedes reinvents the M-class. We show all the details of the third generation, that goes into the autumn at the start. Dynamic and maskuliner occurs the Mercedes M-class, the form of which is clearly outlined in the third generation. Plenty of straight lines and sharp edges quote the current car collection of the House and can be forgotten are the rounded ur-M-class.

With mini-diesel towards consumption record
Downsizing is the magic word – at least for the engines. Because the new M-class, which will be the end of the traders, a four at the start is for the first time since the blessed 230 gasoline again. ML 250 BlueTec is called the version with the only 2.2 L large euro-6 diesel engine, which recently caused a sensation in the S-class with his Sparrow thirst. That should go so on also in the large M-class; with an average of just 6.0 liters per 100 kilometers, the ML tight King of the luxury SUV mutates. With the Optional long-haul tank (93 litres, series are 70 litres) range of 1,500 kilometres are inside so that at least computationally – ML-250 drivers will see in the future more often their hairdresser as the gas station attendant. Yet the runs really fast smallest diesel: nine seconds to 100, 210 km/h top. Without listening to otherwise.

Decidedly faster is 350 BlueTec 258 HP strong ML on the road, whose Bizeps spans on 620 nm – 7.4 seconds, vmax 224 km/h. And the whole of the only available at the start of production gasoline engine, the 350 BlueEfficiency, resolved, of up to 240 km/h fast gallopiert is something nimble.
2011 Mercedes ML 2New Mercedes ML class with intelligent Spritspartechnik

Course was upgraded in the remaining technology radically. Electric power steering, one demand control all energy-intensive units of the alternator long up to the air conditioning compressor, a standard start-stop system, seven-speed automatic – the list is. Weight loss the axes and the hood alloy are made, the valve Member made of magnesium. In the ML 250 BlueTec are further measures for the low consumption responsible, we know the fuel-efficiency cars of the various vendors. This ranges from the panels for undercarriage and engine compartment to the radiator blind – and mandatory lowering what actually so not funny for off-road driving.

New Mercedes ML class continues with offroad technology package

However, there is in this respect equal to back all clear: continue Mercedes meets the customers who move their M-class of occasionally also away gekiester on-ramps and vierspuriger motorways. A switchable off-road driving program, influenced by the reaction of the accelerator control different curves up to the transmission control is standard. Surcharge an offroad technology package remains available, which includes also a terrain ratio.

The gearbox is controlled because this is hip since the terrain response system in the range Rover, now available at Mercedes by turning knobs. Equal to three of them concerned in full communication with the pilot: the comand knob, another for the air suspension chassis control and the third with the area programs. After all, not Mercedes, to offer an own driving program for the Spieltrieb for every conceivable surface and limits the selection to light and heavy terrain, normal as well as sports road trip, a winter program and one for the operation of the hanger. The off-road package brings a maximum ground clearance of 285 millimeters in conjunction with the air suspension and also includes a skid and a transfer case lock.2011 Mercedes ML 3Adaptive damper at the new Mercedes ML class

Not only in the air suspension soaks an active control, also the models with steel springs have missed a selective damping system. This allows one underground customized curve with softer response to hilly ground and tighter coordination in fast road travel. The air suspension is installed, the active can be additionally order curve system: a roll stabilization with active stabilizers on the front and rear axle, which oscillates in quick curve sequences the side slope and that prevents.

The interior design Mercedes has made a further strong and trimmed the M-Class andgültig on upper-class. The space has grown especially laterally. The rear seat backs can now be adjusted in inclination, folded the cargo space grows to up to 2010 liters. Four trim colors (black, gray, beige and brown) are available. The audio system with Bluetooth hands-free and color display is standard and can be extended to various customary class entertainment and navigation solutions. New is the Internet access, which allows specific apps like Google Maps or a weather application also control while driving. Sales start for the new M-Class in autumn, public premiere will be at the IAA in Frankfurt.

2011 Mercedes ML 4

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