2011 Mugen Honda CR-Z 1Pearl-Extremist
The Mugen CR-Z concept car makes RR even at a standstill for more than one dynamic character: the paint alone in Valencia orange pearl made a stir has already. The newly designed lightweight body kit with sprayed on asphalt near drawn down door sills and a Nerf consistently audacious street-thug look. Seamlessly, into the picture add to the all-black 18-inch racing rims and orange-painted brake calipers, which are the colorful ends of a four piston high performance brake system. At the rear ruled fracturing and lofty Racing technology: The double-entry output of the sports exhausts system eardrums would drive anywhere in the world to their limits. The rear rigid prestige generated with huge air intakes. However, the crowning glory is the black rear wing of sweeping dimension, which seems almost to hover over the concept car.
2011 Mugen Honda CR-Z 2Intelligence-beast
Inside the racing Sushiflunder was the color scheme of the outer skin being consistently continued: There’s cockpit for the carbon, for the racers behind ergonomically correct sports leather trays, covered with a distinctive combination of orange leather and black Alcantara. An onboard computer allows not only the latest generation satellite navigation and tidy thumping bass attacks, but also records engine data, “learned” self-racing courses, allowing the timing to shuffle mode. Just, a pity that it will create the CR-Z Concept Car RR probably never in the sale, because it serves only as a supplement to the more glaring by Mugen also built 200-hp CR-Z Concept, which could possibly bring it to a small edition. A video presentation of the tamer Concept Cars You can add you later lead to heart!2011 Mugen Honda CR-Z 3

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