2011 Nissan 350 Z Roadster 1Japanese are polite, reserved and unobtrusive. Accordingly, reasonable, and sometimes, unfortunately, pale fall from their cars. The Nissan Z contrast, has always been the bully in Nippon – especially at the beginning visually, then under the hood. The fresh breeze in the Nissan program has 3.7-liter, six cylinders in V-arrangement, a continuously variable valve timing and 328 horsepower.2011 Nissan 350 Z Roadster 2The tachometer will end at 9,000 rpm, and not too close to it, the needle also feels comfortable when the losbrüllt V6 and flashes the red light of the rev limiter hectic. The 370-Z is not a car to drive slowly, because he’s pretty rough on plants. The gnarled little six-speed gearbox will be conducted with care, gentle approach requires feeling. When you release the canvas, the “Z” had more in his element. The V6 breathes freed on drives and with 363 Nm of peak performance for the Roadster. However, it needs also, as there are almost 1.9 tons of curb weight to be moved. So it is not long remain at the official average fuel consumption of 11.2 liters per 100 kilometers, two to three liters longer be in practice very quickly.
2011 Nissan 350 Z Roadster 3The 370-Z asked his driver to researchers pace a little more empathy, because sometimes the Z stands for “bitchy”. Who is in rapid changes in direction or in the wet gas to be rude, put the heavy rear end of the roadster fast in samba mode. The ESP then bravely skin in between. The Japanese is otherwise tight and quiet, but on the road, the low center of gravity and ideal weight distribution provide security in high speed corners. It is comforting rush of adrenalin when a button on the shift gate, the “Synchro Rev Control” enabled. Underlying this is an automatic throttle function, the electronics adjusts the switching process, the engine speed for quicker and smoother transition. The tension breaks are so extremely short, without being in motorsport style with toe and heel must dance on the pedals.
2011 Nissan 350 Z Roadster 4The fun in the Japanese roadster true, then, with the practicality it does not always look so good. Most annoys you look at a rainy summer and this electric over the deck, because it opens and closes only when standing still It must also allow the fingers permanently on the switch. With every rain shower is an unintentional stop before the curb. With the casual drop-caps, while slowly rolls past the sidewalk cafe, there is nothing. After all, the folding process is now happening automatically, you no longer need to manually lock the handle.2011 Nissan 350 Z Roadster 5Also, the space of the “Z” led the inmates do not joy arias. On a few cup holders and trays was at least thought of and behind the beautiful body-hugging sports seats, there is storage space for coats and the like, but the weekend trip for two requires careful planning and the abandonment of many a suitcase. In the cargo space are meager 140 liters. Also in the cockpit makes Nissan a few blunders. To operate the navigation system you have to move far right hand toward the center console and remain there in an uncomfortable position to press the buttons and menus to wade through. The fuel capacity is displayed on a scale with pinhead-sized lights that are in the sun can be seen but barely.2011 Nissan 350 Z Roadster 6

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