2011 Nissan 370Z 1 Still, the new Nissan 370Z no comparison with the variety of Audi TT is a somewhat rare on German roads anzutreffendes Sport Coupe and 370Z_Underground_3BMW Z4 populating German streets. But this is good so this abstinence makes the v6 Hecktriebler but as special in the boring standard grey. Who with wants to give still more his “Z” on the way the check for example, once back at the Hamburg-based tuner underground racing. Christian Lutosch and his team specialize in hot rice bowls and worry with devotion to Toyota supra, Nissan 350Z, 370Z and co. Usually 328 PS strong Coupé, with the 3, 7-litre V6 under the hood offer the Hamburg from immediately the “underground Edition”, give the “Z” to a total 352 HP, a significantly more aggressive appearance and even more driving dynamics.
2011 Nissan 370Z 2Installed underground racing Motorsport, an open air filter system, as well as a competition sport exhaust system to help the engine to the cracks, and cools the engine oil in addition with a 25-series cooler by MOCAL. Lighter discs for crankshaft and alternator will also find their way into the engine compartment. Driving werksseitig the tuner powered Kit from Eibach including adjustable stabilizers the 370Z Pro Kit springs and an anti-roll. The underground Edition is crowned by a real carbon rear wing in the NISMO-look, real carbon air ducts in the front and a cool foliation.
2011 Nissan 370Z 3What will cost the gesamtkunstwerk and what performance can be achieved is thus, not reveals underground racing unfortunately still. Final tests will prove but whether and how much redissolve the values of the series Z (5.6 sec. up to 100 km/h and top speed of 250 km/h).

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