2011 Radical SR3 SL 1Overwhelming power of persuasion
Even the press release from Radical Sportscars sparkles with emotion and enthusiasm. And anyone who has had the usual PR-texts of the auto world in mind, know that this certainly is not on the agenda. And if you simply take it as a rule not at face value. Not so with the Radical SR3 SL. Looking at the ultra-lightweight sports and thinks in a fit of a lack of objectivity: “The drive must be how they describe it.”
2011 Radical SR3 SL 2Small-scale test of strength
The heart is the street racer in the rear – a performance-optimized Ford Eco Boost turbo engine, which mobilized 300 HP and should work in collaboration with a six-speed gearbox, which is operated via shift paddles, for driving pleasure in its purest form. Cost is the Radical SR3 SL exactly 79 750 € – for a small production car seems a reasonable price, especially when looking at the aged and more expensive competitors like the Artega GT or Melkus RS2000. More to the world premiere of the radical racer you read next week on Motorvision.de!

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