2011 racing VW Golf R 1The Gulf of R is something like this since its release in 2009 as the undisputed favourite of the tuner. The huge capacity reserves that stuck in his 2-liter TFSI aggregate, are simply too tempting. This allure was not without a trace over also to Siemoneit racing from Stade, now but a comprehensive and open to the top almost PowerPack to the Wolfsburg-based compact burner put together the Lower Saxony, Germany. Shown here are car Siemoneit used a proprietary exhaust system from turbocharger with 100-Zeller metal catalytic converter for 1.749 euro, a special air intake for 449 euros, a charge air cooler for 1.199 euro and a high pressure fuel pump for 499 euros. A software adaptation (from euro 698) combines the forces of the newly installed components to a capacity of 355 BHP and 485 nm torque. These values do not, or not even rich who in the approach, is by the way still well looked at Siemoneit. The corresponding hardware – say, larger Turbo and company – provided the electronics boffins generate up to 530 HP.
2011 racing VW Golf R 2But not only to the power-hungry Turbo unit men to Stefan Siemoneit set at hand, for the six-speed DSG gearbox, some electronic modifications are available on the to do list (from 298 euro). In addition to speed up the switching times, Siemoneit racing program also changes in the launch control, the limiter and torque limitation on customer’s request. That the focus is the Siemoneit-golf on the performance of the drive train, quickly becomes clear at first view of the presenter. Except for a weight-optimized carbon bonnet, the doped Golf has R series State.2011 racing VW Golf R 3

2011 racing VW Golf R 4

2011 racing VW Golf R 5

2011 racing VW Golf R 6

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