2011 The Tops SUV and Flops in-July 1The car market is shrinking, the SUV market is growing. The differences were so dramatically as in July but rare. We have listed the winners and losers and look into the licensing statistics. A few sober figures: 54 percent minus in the city, 46.6 percent lousy in the car, the entire car market breaks in July 2010 when compared to the previous month to 32 percent a. Except for one small, but important: 25.775 new SUV and SUV was newly approved in July 2010. This corresponds to a lush growth of 37.6% compared to July 2009. This is part one of the facts to refute market specialists, who want to write the end where the all-wheel drive segment for years.
2011 The Tops SUV and Flops in-July 2Not only compact SUV boom
Part two: Since a long time, these experts claim large all cyclists are out. Look who however exactly at the sales statistics, is among the top 20 with BMW X 5 and X 6, Porsche Cayenne and VW Touareg equal four very handsome SUV from the upscale segment, which can have any two-digit growth rates. Keyword growth rates: here in July was not only in models that went into this year with face lift or new generation at the start, really what is going on. Also established such as the Renault Koleos SUV (310 new registrations, + 76%) or the mentioned BMW X 6 (505 units, + 77%) celebrated a comeback. To bring forward a product with fair market prices, country shows how Rover currently quite impressively. Since the Freelander as XE model is to have from 25,900 euros, to explode the sales figures. The Freelander by 141% to 270 registrations submitted to in July.2011 The Tops SUV and Flops in-July 3An interesting head-to-head offer BMW X 3 and X 5, which will however towards the end of the year certainly change when the new X 3 generation nationwide comes to delivery. Also interesting that Porsche managed more Cayenne new registrations in July as Skoda with the Yeti. Further down is for the Mercedes GLK, the former crowd pleaser currently has a serious stand – where the Bavarian X-family and the Audi Q5 are certainly not entirely innocent.2011 The Tops SUV and Flops in-July 4The Dacia Duster storms the sales charts
High fliers of the month is certainly the Dacia Duster. He stormed through to the most successful models of the market. He is now King of private buyers: no other SUV has a such low rate on corporate approvals as the Dacia Duster (14.6%). For comparison, when the Skoda Yeti are anyway almost 27% at the VW Tiguan 37% commercial operator. If you miss in our overview of the Nissan Qashqai: Nissan not as a SUV, but as a minivan in the registration statistics lists the. With 2.766 registrations it would have served this time two directly behind the VW Tiguan in the SUV for rank.
2011 The Tops SUV and Flops in-July 5In our slideshow, you will find the exact figures and rankings of the most popular SUV and all-terrain – and in the second part hardly buyer found the collection of the slow for that.2011 The Tops SUV and Flops in-July 6

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