2011 Volvo V60 1

It could be in our best advertising English the battle cry of the new Red Green Government in Baden-Württemberg: “Going Green”. But since the decline of the West is not called up – the slogan comes from a group of automotive: Volvo provides him on his DRIVe program. Each range, so Bernhard Bauer, Managing Director of Volvo Germany, there was a “particularly economic” DRIVe version. In the station wagons and sedans of the Sweden, it is a 4-cylinder diesel engine that ensures low fuel consumption and low emissions. To a start stop system and braking energy recovery come as standard. The common-rail diesel the weakest engine that Volvo has in the program is nominally 115 HP. But even in a station wagon as the V60 with its 1.65 tonnes unladen weight, he beats is still quite considerably. At 270 nm of maximum torque, it is still in 11.3 seconds from a standing to 100 and also the top speed of 190 km/h is are not ecologically correct car buyers – it may be faster than 130 Yes eh not on the road. After all, Volvo manages to push the CO2 value to 119 g / km – exactly below the EU limit for an average standard of consumption of 4.5 litres for 100 km.
2011 Volvo V60 2

So much for the theory. And the practice? It looks not quite as good – but quite passable. The Green Volvo well and quickly through the traffic can be moved by the performance of her. Who is not at risk, which will get no schweißnassen hands in overtaking on country roads. And DRIVe customers will like to take the ratios on the mountain from 6 in the 5th gear in purchase. Depending on driving style and range, the actual consumption is also the DRIVe models on the average, measured on the test bench under ideal conditions. Who is afloat on the road and on the highway even tempo 130 be tempo 130 lets goes anyway much overland, and so the start-stop automatic uses little of the on-board computer displays quite times an average just below seven litres which. However, is rather leisurely, is on the highway on the self-imposed limit of 130 km/h and is looking not at every turn equal to the ideal line, if the is rewarded even without large self-flagellation with consumption around five litres.
2011 Volvo V60 3

He must refrain from facilities and design on hardly anything. Volvo messes up his combined not by special savings tire for example and also to the body, the designer for the V60 DRIVe have not need to even. With him the deflector from the front was necessary not once, which helps in saving the other Volvo models. The whole range of assistance systems-Warner the distance up to the dead angle Wizard is available. In the engine there are light run oil that assist in the saving of diesel a specially made engine management and a reduced consumption gear ratio including. To get a slightly deeper laid chassis and display an ad for the optimum operating point.

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