2011 VW Golf R20 1The VW Golf R20 with 338 hp in the test burns almost as fast as a Lamborghini Gallardo LP 560-4 on the small track at Hockenheim. This leaves the turbo-wheel drive vehicle easily manageable. They were the heroes of my automobile entry phase. At 18 years, own the first VW Golf with a 1.8-liter four-cylinder and 90 horsepower in possession knew the devotion to the art of tuning and his team of Mike Rothe Rothe Motorsport limit. For over 20 years Rothe building more or less slender models from the Volkswagen Group in hot to projectiles, as demonstrated by test. Game engine tuning, such as the VW Golf III VR6 Turbo with 400 hp, making the self-appointed factory turbo known from the Hessian Schaafheim.2011 VW Golf R20 machineVW Golf as fast as a Porsche
How times change. Who in the late nineties with a speedometer including 300-km/h-Skalierung Rothe-emerged, the admired, the tuning scene. Today is the VW Golf R equipped with two-liter turbo engine, 270-hp four-wheel drive and 300-km/h-Tacho from the tape. Who knows but that mischievous smile of Mike Rothe, knows that no vehicle is safe from him. “You are now to be as fast as a Porsche,” promises the company president, after his VW Golf R20 Rothe at the Tuner Grand Prix competition in the compact car segment dominated play. “We do like to bring the car to the test.”

No sooner said than done. Even at first glance, the objective is clear, which is tuned in the specifications of golf at the top: “quick in Hockenheim.” Rothe for granted the technicians from the interior. Without rear seats, rear parcel shelf and trunk lining, but with two Recaro Pole Position-bucket seats, including four-point belts, the vehicle weight is reduced by about 70 to 1466 kg.
2011 VW Golf R20 2The heart of the VW Golf R20 suggests Rothe-front
Goosebumps feelings when the hood swings open. What I did for such a engine in my golf students would have been? The four-cylinder TSI engine under the red cover provides control, thanks to an optimized device, a thicker intercooler and a modified air filter, and a complete exhaust system with a 89er tube cross section (Series: 60 mm) is now 338 bhp. The maximum charge pressure increased from 1.2 to 1.4 bar. Because of the larger air filter, the battery goes into the trunk and thus contributes slightly to improved weight distribution.

Also, the air flow optimized the Red team fundamentally. Worked behind the front bumper is sitting on the right side of an auxiliary oil cooler. The new intercooler is short of the mark tipped over a refined air slot to a flow perfectly with driving winds. Thanks to DSG reprogrammed mechatronic the speed limit is not at 7.000 7.400/min, but. When upshifting under full load of hot fires made VW Golf R-factory race cars like the Scirocco at the 24-race circuit from deafening salvos.

VW Golf sprints in 4.4 seconds to 100
Also at the launch-control start-Rothe VW Golf R20 rotates with 4500 rpm higher than the 3200 factory tours. Tempered with Dunlop Direzza tires of four-wheel drive jump in the test without significant slip from a standstill in 4.4 seconds to 100 km / h. A Series-R buggers just because the tempo-80 mark. To 200 km / h, won the tuning model a considerable lead of 6.7 seconds.

But the VW Golf R Rothe educates not only longitudinally but also transversely dynamic manners. Using a switch with the ESP is completely deactivated TÜV blessing – the 338-horse gallop Rothe uninhibited on the racetrack. Thus, the VW Golf R finally to the racing roll, which was developed by the R-makers inconsistently permanently slowed by a non-disconnectable ESP.

Among the six millimeters per axis, wider wheel arches, Rothe is the series axles with wishbones and a special Bilstein B16 PSS10 Coilovers (lowering 40 mm). Thanks to negative camber of 2.5 degrees forward of the golf directs one extremely accurate. This raises the question in the test: What is over-and understeer? None of these states is driving the VW Golf R20 near-Rothe. He remains neutral at all times and launches himself Quaife differential lock front and less emphatic Haldex casual interpretation of the curves. For brute stopping power up to 13.10 m / s ² takes a six-piston brake system of the Mov’it 370 discs (series: 310 mm) on the front axle in the chuck.2011 VW Golf R20 3Compact cars drive on sports car level
1.11,5 minutes after the round with the Rothe VW Golf R20 on the short track at Hockenheim in the past. Thus poaching (1.11,3 min.) Rothe VW Golf R20 in the area of ​​Lamborghini Gallardo LP 560-4 and Lexus LFA (1.11,0 min.). Here you see all the lap times at Hockenheim. At the Tuner Grand Prix Mark Gedlich burned, however, with values ​​falling by up to four degrees, even a mythical time of 1.10,8 minutes on the track. But Mike Rothe smiles again with mischievous eyes. The current VW Golf R-project is already history. “The next stages of expansion R-380 and PS 420 have,” he says future ideas.

The Rothe VW Golf R20 at Hockenheim 6.4 seconds faster than the production model. Mutable with ESP, the boundary region is significantly higher. The VW Golf R20 at the limit remains absolutely stable. Thanks to higher negative camber on the front, he directs one better. The handling is neutral at all times. Thanks to a modified electronically controlled multi-plate differential lock, and Dunlop Sport tires Rothe’s VW Golf R20 shines with excellent traction. The Mov’it brake system ensures constant delay.2011 VW Golf R20 4

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