2011 VW Tiguan 1This slogan runs the current, and this extremely funny commercial for the new VW Tiguan. Once again, a car manufacturer created a hilarious and extravagant advertising. The product is doing not too short, because the Tiguan can be seen in action-packed. The compact SUV, whose Offroadmodell was now optimized, shows how the car on holprigem and rocky terrain makes. Or better said would make! Because dieOffroad-skills, which felt the shopping girls in the commercial, play out only in the dream of the driver. You could also, aha! So, it would look if the new Tiguan over hill and Dale would have to Jet. No bad sight! And the “girls” (the official name of the spot in the United States) as pretty suffer that after their shopping trip is already common, or not? To the ROAR the scenes are funny yet but already, where the chic ladies in slow motion being thrown by the car, or? Terrific!
2011 VW Tiguan 2Los Angeles was filmed for four days in the metropolis for the extravagant spot. The Offroadaufnahmen were made in a fenced-off area near the city in California. The actor at the wheel is called Tom Astor and took even some driving scenes himself. “Nice to know you could” is the saying that accompanied the fact, that the Tiguan as the only all-terrain vehicle can be ordered in its class in an online or off-road version now. Then different fronts make up the difference.
2011 VW Tiguan 3The Tiguan is the world’s approximately 700,000 sold volume one of the most popular models of VW. The paragraph is strongest in Europe, Russia, United States, China, Brazil, and Australia.2011 VW Tiguan 4

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