2012 BMW 3 Series 1A few days ago we reported about the new BMW 3 Series. Now expected to be finalized, the new middle class on 14 October 2011 to celebrate premiere in Munich. In addition, the BMW 3 Series is not only as a saloon, Touring, Convertible, Coupe and GT come on the market, but also as a hybrid. The Active Hybrid 3 is shortly after the launch with the 340 hp gasoline engine and an electric motor with a significant increase in performance appear. The consumption of the new BMW 3 Series hybrid is expected to be around 6 liters per 100 kilometers. Significantly lower consumption a diesel, but this right up.
2012 BMW 3 Series 2Sales start for the BMW 3 Series will be in early 2012. The price for the new 3 Series starts at 29,000 euros, in conjunction with the smallest engine (316i with 136 hp). However, there are three further petrol engines, to include the 320i with 184 hp, the 328i with 245 hp and the top engine 335i with 306 hp. There are no major changes in diesel engines, but the consumption of the 316d is located at 115 hp at only 4.1 liters. A little later, to replace in the 323d with 204 hp the current 325d.
2012 BMW 3 Series 3In 2013, it is for PS fans really exciting, BMW M3 tests for the next version of bi-even Triturbos, thereby seeking to come to an output of 450 hp. That is impressive, right? Not only the technologies under the hood to impress even the driver assistance systems (lane departure warning and blind spot Warner) and the eight-speed automatic transmission are to be mentioned positively. To a head-up display come with a driver information that is displayed in the windshield.
2012 BMW 3 Series 4In addition, the BMW 3 Series has grown in length and in relation to the wheelbase. It will be offered the new 3 more interior space and trunk, which wants at least the magazine AUTO BILD have found, but cites no specific dimensions. Its predecessor (sedan) are at 4.53 m length, 1.99 m width, 1.42 m, 2.76 m wheelbase. It will be interesting.

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