2012 BMW model 1With the paint and frozen Frozen Silver Grey BMW has for some time to matte finishes for selected models, which allow the owners a very striking appearance. Also in the 2012 model year this offer will be retained and even expanded in some places, so we want to provide a brief overview at this point. The focus is on two orderable silver BMW Individual paint Frozen Frozen and Silver Grey, who at times also offer Frozen Black color appears now not in the official price lists. For completeness, also the color of frozen Arctic Silver should be mentioned exclusively to the 67 units on the current state of the BMW M3 Sedan CRT remain reserved.
2012 BMW model 2In addition to the BMW M3 BMW M5, the CRT can also be ordered F10 sedan at an additional cost of 3,600 € in the colors or frozen Frozen Silver Grey. BMW wants to retain the matte painting, however, not only the M-models, but they will by and by a relatively nationwide. As of autumn are all engines of BMW 5 Series Sedan, 5 Series Touring, 5-GT, 6 Series Convertible, 6 Series and 7 Series sedan in Frozen Frozen Silver Grey and ordered, with the additional cost 3600-3800 € varies.
2012 BMW model 3A further extension of the offer on 1, 3, the X-series or Z4 is to our knowledge, not currently planned for the future but one can not exclude such a step. In particular, special models were sporting last are often combined with the matte painting, an introduction to broad-based but currently seems very unlikely.2012 BMW model 4

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