2012 Citroen DS4 1The body is dominated by strong design elements – from shadow lines around the front and the rear wheel arches.  The designers have dictated the terms of reference for the DS4 – already small things make visible as the two RBCs excesses on the rear wheelhouses. What looks at first glance like a historical error in the paint, is in fact a concession by the designer of the legal requirements: just because the body in these places artificial and hardly striking made broad an inch short, the legal requirement to achieve that the wheels do not have the lateral line project was. Damaged it not has the look of DS4 at least.2012 Citroen DS4 2Also inside the design forms the consciousness. High-quality materials dominate the scenery, the leather is associated with exposed seams in the form. In addition a love long missing in the compact class to detail. So, the pattern of the backrests symbolizes a watch strap. This does not detract from the good handling of the seats in any case – even in fast driven curves is hardly in the slides. If they are, then it sorely the handles on the side doors. A particularly airy view provides the familiar from the C4 Picasso panoramic windscreen extends far over the heads of the driver and passenger. The wheelbase of 2.612 mm ensures together with the vehicle length of 4.275 mm enough space – at least front, for rear is around especially with large passengers around the knees. Also, the is sloping roof line ensures a tight head room. When the hold is the DS4 benefit, that he is based on the same platform as Citroen compact C4: 359 liters full seating and 1,021 litres in Buttstock rear seat makes him not specifically to the class-leading, should sufficient but for most everyday tasks.

2012 Citroen DS4 3
Measures of potential parking spaces on the side of the road at your fingertips and signaled the driver whether the place is enough, it is rather difficult – or letting it be better. Parking, however already still myself must the driver. A further nice gimmick: The color of lighting for the combined instruments can be just as individually set like the warning and beeps for indicators, seat belts and so on. Driving, especially in the most powerful engine is a special pleasure in the DS4.

2012 Citroen DS4 4

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