2012 Ford Evos Concept 1For decades, were Ford models, whether European or American, rather than stuffy and boring – the first of the legendary guys like Capri, Thunderbird and Mustang apart. Only the so-called “Kinetic Design”, which should make a car look even when standing still, as it would go, brought five years ago the turn, especially in Europe. The cars of the Cologne sold better and better, because customers “felt more premium,” as Ford’s European design director Martin Smith puts it. Nevertheless, not only outside the turbulent kinetic design was quite controversial, even internally is the motto for the future: to bring peace to the plate, clear surfaces, reduced forms, precise graphics.
2012 Ford Evos Concept interiorFord at the IAA is now with the Evo’s still a concept car that will go into this shape and design but never mass-produced, but is intended to show the direction in which we think at Ford. “The Evo is the evolutionary development of the Kinetic design,” says Smith. Should be the first in Europe benefit from the next Mondeo (end come 2012). To start, in the U.S. next year, the Ford Fusion (similar to the Mondeo).
2012 Ford Evos Concept interior 2More status and power
Most striking at just 1.36 meters high and 4.50 meters long, the new Evo’s trademark face. Ford placed the large trapezoidal radiator above the bottom, he wandered up now. This position is to symbolize the future are worldwide and more status and power. Is also a departure from the large headlamps, which sometimes ranged far into the fenders. “The technology is now so good that we can use smaller lighting units,” says Smith. Only at second glance you notice on the Evo’s curved windshield, also a first for Ford by this trick, the A-pillars, a piece can be further back, which moves more toward the sporty silhouette. Together with the very prominent buckles on the rear fenders, the car is on the solid rear axle, although it is technically a front-wheel drive. Smith: “The car is expected to make a visual leap forward.”
2012 Ford Evos Concept 2Hybrid with 800 kilometer range
Under the hood of the Evo’s works, a plug-in hybrid system, where the conventional part, a newly developed two-liter petrol engine takes over in the U.S. next year in the C-Max “Energi” made its debut and in 2013 to buy with us is . The loadable at the outlet lithium-ion cells allow an electric range of about 60 kilometers. Overall, the Evos make 800 kilometers.2012 Ford Evos Concept 3

2012 Ford Evos Concept 4

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