2012 Mini Roadster 1It’s really against the grain to see the brand’s engineers to opt for the solution of a retractable soft top manually. A roof light can be lifted with one hand. Between the two roll bars, you can place a windstop cost extra. Behind the bucket seats, there is a small hatch that provides access to the trunk which has cargo space up to 240 liters.2012 Mini Roadster 3Mini Roadster 2012 is a fun car for your driving experiences, as light as possible and that fuel consumption will be minimal. There is also the possibility of offering this little car at a very realistic. European markets,  Mini Roadster will inherit the gasoline and diesel.

Consumption Details

  • Mini Cooper Coupe: 4L 1.6-liter 122-hp.
  • Mini Cooper S Coupe: 4L 1.6-liter turbo with 184 hp.
  • Mini Coupe John Cooper Works: 4L turbo 1.6-liter 211 hp.

2012 Mini Roadster 4A future rival for the Mazda MX-5
By offering a car with the deployment of its soft top is manual, the future would become Mini Roadster a serious rival to the immortal Mazda MX-5 which is already in his 22 years of invaluable and dedicated service. The Japanese girl has a choice between a soft top that unfolds manually or a retractable hardtop. The Mazda MX-5 2012 is powered by two four-cylinder engines of 2.0 liters of a respective power of 158 and 167 horses.

The theatrical release of the Mini Roadster is scheduled for February 2012.

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