2012 Nissan GT R 1Back in November of this year comes the new Nissan GT-R once again gained strength in the Japanese market.  On 24 November sends the Nissan GT-R model of the 2012er on the road. One thing is certain, however, even now: The new Nissan GT-R will again everything better. Rather than with 530 hp and 612 Newonmetern the 2012er model is now with a 550 hp and 632 Nm 3.8-liter payable BiTurbo at the start. The new performance boost of 20 hp is due to an improved air intake, a free-flow exhaust system and a new tax software creates. Were also improved the shifting of the double-clutch transmission with six gears.
2012 Nissan GT R 2Among many other detailed solutions – particularly on the chassis – it is primarily the soon available “track pack” (see gallery), which should make for excitement – but probably only for right-hand drive versions. It was developed with the Japanese company northern ring and the GT-R will make it a sports coupe for ambitious purists. To save weight flies out the back seat, alloy wheels come of it, “Rays” are used, the suspension was tuned athletic and ventilation of the brakes has been revised. Furthermore, a new pews installed and a front spoiler with carbon air intakes distinguishes the “track pack” also from the normal GT-R.
2012 Nissan GT R 3At what mileage the 2012er model is capable of and what it will cost at a later date in Europe is still not communicating concrete. Only so much is revealed: “The new GT-R has the potential to sprint in under three seconds to 100 minutes and the north loop in under 7:20. to go around. “Until now the best time of the 2011 GT-R at 7:24 min.2012 Nissan GT R 4

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