2012 Nissan Leaf 1Reservations for the first stage of sale of the Nissan LEAF to the Canada are completed
The first Nissan LEAF reserved by Canadians sold out in two hours. Over the weekend, Nissan Canada opened the process of reservation for the Nissan LEAF: in less than two hours, the Nissan LEAF all model year 2011 available were reserved by Canadian consumers. Saturday, August 27 at noon, people living near a certified Nissan dealership and listed on nissan site were invited to reserve a Nissan LEAF, bringing them a little more than the date of delivery of their all-electric car which will be soon connected in their garage.
2012 Nissan Leaf engine“Since we revealed the Nissan LEAF for the first time in 2009, the Canadian reaction was incredible.” “We have so step was surprised to see the 40 vehicles of model year 2011 fly in two hours,” said Judy Wheeler, Director of marketing, Nissan Canada, Inc. “we plan to continue this momentum at the time of the resumption of the process of bookings in the next month for the 2012 model year vehicle.”. Therefore stay alert, because you see more Nissan LEAF soon invade the streets of cities.2012 Nissan Leaf 2Delivery to consumers of cars reserved in this first stage of sale will begin in September and will continue this fall. Will Nissan handle rigorously the purchase process as early as the first stage, the inclusion of consumers on www.nissan.ca/leaf, until they take possession of their Nissan LEAF, the lead, and the plug for the first time in their pillar of recharging at home. With the 2012 model year, Nissan plans to market about 600 Nissan LEAF on the Canadian market with reservations over several stages during the next year.
2012 Nissan Leaf 3Reservations for Nissan LEAF of the 2012 model year would begin in the coming months according to the following criteria:

  • To book, consumers must be registered on www.nissan.ca/leaf and live near a certified Nissan LEAF dealer. All details, including the precise point where bookings begin, will be announced in advance by e-mail.
  • A fee of $99 (fully refundable) are required to confirm the reservation.
  • After organizing an assessment for the station of loading home installation, customers will receive an invitation to order a Nissan LEAF.
  • Clients will then request a bid from a local certified Nissan LEAF dealer and continue the purchase process until they take possession of their vehicle.2012 Nissan Leaf 6

Nissan LEAF
One of the cars more examined the sector for good reasons, the Nissan LEAF is the first fully electric vehicle required daily consumer mass market, adapted for worldwide and was recently named the 2011 year world car. The Nissan LEAF is an intermediate rear hatchback car offering lots of cargo space and comfortable seats that can accommodate five adults. Autonomy of 160 km (according to the EPA LA4 test cycle) by total charge, the Nissan LEAF offers 90% of Canadians the autonomy they need to perform their daily movements. Pillar of recharging at home of 240 v to fully recharge the battery in seven hours. Moreover, a level 3 fast charger to recharge the battery in only 26 minutes to 80%.
2012 Nissan Leaf 7Powered by a lithium-ion battery 107 horses and a couple of 207 lb – ft of torque, the Nissan LEAF is a nerve car and pleasant to drive. As the Nissan LEAF has no traditional engine, it is extremely silent. Thus, for reasons of security, an external sound system was integrated to warn pedestrians the car approach. In April, the Nissan LEAF received the “First choice security” award (Top Safety Pick) of the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety.2012 Nissan Leaf 4
The dashboard displays regularly updated data on the autonomy and efficiency of the conduct; called CARWINGS telematics system allows the driver to communicate with the car through a smart phone to operate remotely the air conditioner or heating as well as to manage and monitor the recharge of the battery.2012 Nissan Leaf 5

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