2012 Renault Clio Williams 1The legend returns
The hot hatch expert returns. After Renault’s announcement in the future to provide formula 1 engines to the Williams team, appears to move to the next Knaller within reach. It is the rebirth of the Renault Clio Williams. The 1993 Clio Williams is not only Renault-and Clio fans are likely to get misty-eyed due to this message, but as one of the best compact athletes of all time. , The Williams logo – to differently than the recently the case published insured as a spokesman for Renault Gordini models is – at the Clio be more than a despicable equipment line: “we want to pollute the cooperation [Renault and Williams] not with a marketing exercise – they can assume that it is will take off in an appropriate manner of the standard car.” “The discussions run, but Williams is based in United Kingdom and the Renault sport models are so popular, we are keen in any case, that works that.”2012 Renault Clio Williams 2With 240 HP on and
Whether the new Williams only on the island must do his worst, we still do not know. Too bad it would be in any case, to the snappy 2-litre engine from the current Clio get sport in the legends new edition but a rich performance boost from 201 to 240 HP. The chassis is probably basically the same from the tested recently by us Clio r.s. Cup, but with larger brakes, Sachs dampers derived from racing and Bridgestone Potenza rubber. In the Interior – to missing such as in the first, very luxuriously equipped Clio Williams – with Recaro shells, climate and Navi nothing. When exactly the new Super racing roll is and whether it again is decorated in the classic blue-gold, not fixed yet. We keep you informed.2012 Renault Clio Williams 3

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