2012 Subaru OutbackThe Outback 2012 Subaru Announces Pricing of its icon-wheel drive
Subaru Canada, Inc.. (SCI) is pleased to announce the prices of 2012 models of its award-winning Subaru Outback – the rugged and refined vehicle that defined a whole new category of vehicles. During the most recent Canadian Awards for the residuals, ALG has awarded the Outback the reference to “best utility through” providing that the vehicle would continue to carry on all levels in its class, including the value adopted.

The models included the previous vintage initiate the new model year at the same price. To this end slightly cooled add a new model 2.5i Tourism temperature control with automatic dual-zone as well as a group Limited versions 2.5i and 3.6R, which includes a new navigation system with display Pioneer tactile integration of smart phones and enhanced audio.

In fact, prices 2.5i Limited Limited and 3.6, respectively, down $ 1 400 $ 1 300 compared to comparable models from the previous vintage. Prices are as follows:

Convenience Outback 2.5i (manual 6-speed) $ 28,995
Convenience Outback 2.5i (CVT) $ 30,195
Outback PZEV (CVT) $ 30,895
Outback 2.5i Touring Package (6-speed manual) $ 31,595
Outback 2.5i Touring (CVT) $ 32,795
Outback 2.5i Limited (CVT) $ 36,695
Outback 3.6R (5-speed automatic with manual mode) $ 35,495
Outback 3.6R Limited (5-speed automatic with manual mode) $ 39,495

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