2012 Toyota Prius V 1In addition to offering in early 2012 versions V rechargeable Prius and family, the best-selling hybrid car in the world offered some changes in its external and internal delivered in 2012 which is similar to that of the Prius V.
2012 Toyota Prius V 2Among the external changes, we will find Shield redesigned, Ramps to LED lights mounted at the ends, Moving fog lamps, New lights, Rear spoiler, statement, New wheels 15 “. And in the internal changes, we will find We say goodbye to the finish in shades of gray, Presentation of gray with black appliques, The start button changes position, New center console, Air conditioning with remote solar.
2012 Toyota Prius V 6A new approach to 3rd generation Toyota Prius that has been presented simultaneously with the unveiling at the Salon International Motor Show in Frankfurt said its rechargeable version.2012 Toyota Prius V 3

2012 Toyota Prius V 4

2012 Toyota Prius V 5

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