2013 Dozens of new SUV Future 1Here’s the SUV’s future: More than three dozen go off-road vehicle in the next two years at the start – in all price and size classes. 4Wheel Fun takes a look at the entire future of the SUV car key nations – the Americans and Asians over the Germans and to the Swedes. Especially in emerging markets are enjoying the lively popular SUVs and SUV. Nevertheless, a trend is compact and small crossover models unmistakable. To more economical off-roaders who do not really deserve the name because they often do not over-wheel-drive and, at best, on a country lane feel good – and of course in the urban jungle. In our big photo show, you will find all the detailed information about the SUV of the future projects automaker – from A to V-like Aston Martin and Volvo.

Audi Q3 and Q7
2013 Dozens of new SUV Future 2Among the premium German manufacturers starts the purest racing SUV: Audi ventures with the Q3 2011 – the little brother of the Q5 – on completely new terrain. 2013, the next generation of large Q7. The new Audi Q3 starts in June with prices starting at € 29,900 in the trade. A choice of two TDI engines and a TDI engine. Later then follows with the 2.0 TDI Audi Q3-based diesel with 140 hp and front-wheel drive. He should be content with an average of about 5.2 liters per 100 kilometers. At its market launch in June are available for the Audi Q3, but first, two petrol and one diesel engine with four cylinders and two liters of displacement and direct injection to the election.

The basic turbocharged petrol engine makes the Audi Q3 2.0 TFSI 170 hp and transmits its power through a hydraulic multi-plate clutch to all four wheels. It ranks the 211-hp top version, which also has standard all-wheel drive and is intended to accelerate the pace of Q3 in 6.9 seconds on 100th According to Audi, the top speed is 230 km / h.2013 Dozens of new SUV Future 3

Mercedes is planning four new SUV2013 Dozens of new SUV Future 4Mercedes has for its major product offensive, several arrows for the terrain in its quiver: is the next-generation ML-Class in June 2011, her big brother, GL followed by 2012 and an entry-level SUV, as Audi Q3 competitor named Mercedes BLK later than early 2013 . And it should come as no surprise when CEO Dieter Zetsche medium enriched the Smart brand to a crossover in all-terrain look.

BMW X1 xDrive 28i
2013 Dozens of new SUV Future 5BMW has its powder in this segment is already largely faded: since the fall of 2010 put the Bavarians the successor to the X3 in trade. The other three ground-BMW have long been available: the big brother X5 CEO Norbert Reithofer already given it a facelift in April 2010, which was sorely needed after the SUV since March 2007 in the market. The sportier brother of the X5 X6 is named in May 2008 at the start. The fourth BMW SUV – called X1 – but leaders: The BMW X1 xDrive28i starts for Bayern in a new era. For the first time pulls the twin-turbo technology, a power in the four-cylinder petrol engines. Successively comes the new Power 245 hp engine with other models in the house.

2013 Dozens of new SUV Future 6
The fifth series of sports cars and SUVs to forge in 2013 hit the market. As a basis for the Porsche, the Audi Q5 is Cajun. Porsche is targeting annual sales of around 60,000 vehicles, the new SUV.
With the new compact SUV, the sports car maker brings Cajun next to the Porsche Boxster, an additional entry-level model on the market, which is particularly aimed at young customers. The fifth Porsche model will also depend on the Group’s range of engines brother, the Audi Q5. In addition to gasoline engines, it will give the Cajun thus also with diesel engines. The starting price was estimated at around 40,000 €. So that would be the best of Cajun Porsche model portfolio of Swabia.

Ford, Opel and VW put in off-field too strong for
2013 Dozens of new SUV Future 7Ford Kuga will replace the 2013 by a larger successor, which is available in the United States. In the U.S., he replaced as early as the end of 2011 the Ford Escape, the market launch in Europe is planned for the beginning of 2013th The world car idea is not without consequences. As the Americans like everything has a larger number, the Kuga is stretched to ten centimeters to 4.54 meters. The distance between the axles shall be in approximately the same degree. This provides a generous space: The trunk volume is growing by 20 percent to about 500 liters and is thus at the level of the VW Tiguan. The technical basis of the new compact SUV comes from Van Grand C-Max, which in turn shares the architecture with the Focus.
2013 Dozens of new SUV Future 8The ambitious timetable Opel model includes a facelift of the 2011 produced in Korea and in 2012 a little brother Antara Corsa-based. Sure, the market leader in Germany and Europe – Volkswagen – in its future planning, the topic does not knock out off-roader: For 2011, the Wolfsburg present the facelift of the Tiguan – the top dog in the compact SUV segment. 2013, the North Germans could also bring a little brother of the Tiguan in the market based on a platform of cooperation partner Suzuki. A decision to chief executive Martin Winterkorn has made but not yet.
2013 Dozens of new SUV Future 9SUV over another is also being envisaged in the Czech VW subsidiary Skoda. As in the Mlada Boleslav in the Development Center is currently working hard on the derivative of the VW Up small car and a new, low-cost model between the Fabia and Octavia, is just the implementation of the Skoda Yeti Maxi realistic. It is a roughly 30 inches stretched version of the current, 4.20-meter-long compact SUV that would be so much longer than a Tiguan, but would get a lush trunk with space for a third row of seats. In addition, planning is a yeti-facelift in 2012. Seat, the Spanish sister however is expected to go out empty. For the study Tribu definitely look there is no green light.

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