60 Years of Unimog 1 The universal motor unit from the Daimler group is 60 years old. The anniversary creative of the Unimog launched a spectacular design study. 1951 Daimler with the universal motor unit laid the stone a success story that goes beyond orange painted municipal vehicles and NATO olive military versions, baptized in the Unimog. The Unimog has established itself as very universal commercial vehicle. His 60.ten Daimler has launched now a spectacular design study, that transferred to the Designhistorie of the Unimog in the future.
60 Years of Unimog 2Radical open, such as the great model
The high terrain variant U 5000 is based on the design study “60 years Unimog”. The typical coil springs were considered red, the minimalist open cabin, which is based on the original Unimog comes in bright green. Parts of the framework were clad with aluminium blocks milled from the full.
60 Years of Unimog 3Also the five-spoke alloy wheels were designed for the design study. Airy reduced Interior presents the study itself. Both men are screened by a narrow windshield against the wind. A massiges roll element, whose Ausleger and based on the Interior between the front screen elements, has security. The front bumper takes up the small light elements in his grinning ends. The grill of the design study is naturally dominated by a big star. Looking in vain for doors and also the wheel covers all around are minimalist.
60 Years of Unimog 4Behind the CAB Announces a suggested loading bridge, which passes in a rear apron element from view carbon. The taillights criminal under a massive Aluelement forth. The design study shows, the Unimog makers announce how much innovation and potential for development is still in the concept of the Unimog, proud. Who now but in the coming winter on a similarly styled snow Räumfahrzeug, hopes will be dashed. The “60 years Unimog” remains unique.60 Years of Unimog 560 Years of Unimog 6

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